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Thinking of Migrating Siebel to the Cloud?

Many Siebel customers are considering the potential benefits of migrating and integrating Siebel with the latest cloud applications and services, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Moving closer to the cloud presents potential technical and resource challenges, however. Rimini Street can help by providing expert guidance and analysis as your organization develops a strategy to migrate Siebel to the cloud. Alternatively, we can keep your existing on-premises Siebel application running smoothly for 15 years, while integrating with new cloud applications and services.

A better path: integration of Siebel and Salesforce – and other leading cloud services

Recognizing the advantages of true cloud CRM, many Siebel customers are looking to integrate Siebel with Salesforce, using Salesforce as the front-end system of engagement on top of their existing Siebel system of record. For example:

  • You may wish to implement Salesforce.com as a front end to a large, highly customized Siebel CRM system that forms the core of a global CRM infrastructure.
  • You may wish to replace part of its Siebel deployment with Salesforce.com in certain divisions or business units.

In these and other scenarios, Rimini Street provides support for any Siebel applications being migrated to Salesforce.com through the transition and continues with support for the remaining on premise components for 15 years or longer.

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We can help you more rapidly and cost-effectively integrate cloud solutions such as Salesforce.com into your IT landscape, while providing comprehensive support for your mission-critical Siebel core transaction systems. Our Cloud Support Package for Salesforce.com includes:

  • Siebel application support: Rimini Street provides support for the Siebel modules being migrated to Salesforce.com up through the go-live transition date. Rimini Street also offers support for core modules continuing in operation as part of core transaction systems of record — for half the price paid for vendor support today.
  • Migration and integration planning assistance: We assist your project team with data and operations migration planning for any applications being migrated from Siebel to Salesforce.com, as well as planning for data and process integration with Siebel applications.
  • Legacy system reporting: Rimini Street can support any Siebel instance that you have retained as an archive as you migrate daily CRM transactional systems to Salesforce.com, enabling your decommissioned system to remain live and available for reporting and data lookup purposes for as long as you need such data access.

We can help you gain a better understanding of how to get more from the investments you’ve already made, what the possibilities are and how Rimini Street’s support services for Siebel fit into your overall CRM strategy. If you are ready to make a real difference in your organization and redirect your IT budget dollars to true innovation around the edges of a mature core CRM application, then contact us today!