Siebel Support Services

As a leader of your organization, you know the importance of quality support for your Siebel CRM software. Rimini Street offers support and maintenance services for a wide range of Siebel products and releases, from the older 5.x to the more recent 8.x releases, including all product lines, regardless of whether or not the release has reached end of support. This includes Siebel Sales, Siebel Service and Siebel Call Center.

Before you consider taking on a major Oracle upgrade or renewing your costly maintenance contract, talk to us. See how much you can save while gaining award-winning support services.

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Suffering from cost pressures, prioritizing and meeting user demands, or limited time to learn new skills? We can help you.

Decreasing technology budgets, close scrutiny over IT purchases and paying annual maintenance fees without seeing significant investment in the application can be frustrating. Third-party Siebel support can help open up your annual budget so you can transform your enterprise's capabilities without having to worry about expanding your staff or following the software vendor's forced evolution path. Only with Rimini Street will you get better service, while cutting your costs in half (compared to what you are paying the vendor today).

Whether you're looking for gap support or a long-term solution, if you are ready to make a real difference in your organization and redirect your IT budget dollars to true innovation, then contact us today!

Before you consider making a major upgrade or signing on for yet another year of Siebel annual support, talk to us.

We also offer deep technology expertise and troubleshooting skills in Siebel products and tools. Our experts specialize in:

Siebel EAI/component interfaces
Assignment Manager
Server request processing
Load balancing (Round Robin, Resonate, Third-Party)
Business process automation/workflow/state models
Siebel Tools configuration, scripting
Security — single sign-on, LDAP
Application Object Manager optimization
System administration

Rimini Street experts are standing by to answer your Siebel support and maintenance questions. Contact us today!

Oracle Products Supported

Why Our Clients Chose Rimini Street for Oracle Support

Drive innovation and growth with Siebel working in concert with the latest cloud solutions

Siebel continues to be one of the most robust and comprehensive CRM solutions in the market today. It makes good business sense to continue running it as your system of record while continuing to add new features and capabilities to enhance the customer experience, including mobile, social and analytics and cloud-based systems of engagement.

Select supported components including but not limited to:Rimini Street provides independent support for your Siebel applications, enabling you to save up to 90 percent on total maintenance costs, avoid expensive forced upgrades, and benefit from quickly developing new channels to drive customer engagement and retention without disruption or risk. Gain the choice and flexibility to continue using Siebel 6.x, 7.x and 8.x applications and upgrade on your own schedule, not the vendor's.

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To date, Rimini Street clients have saved nearly $5B in total software maintenance costs. Calculate how much Rimini Street can save your organization.