Rimini Street Gives Clients Ultimate Upgrade Flexibility

A common misconception is that the customer’s enterprise application software is “frozen” when they move from vendor support to Rimini Street. The reality is that our customers are free to upgrade on their own schedule, when it makes business sense.

And they do! Our clients have performed more than 100 upgrades or expansions while running under Rimini Street support. Examples include upgrading from:

  • PeopleSoft 8.x to 9.x
  • JD Edwards 8.x to 9.x
  • Siebel 6.0 to 7.7
  • Oracle E-Business Suite 10.2 to 12.2
  • SAP ECC 4.6 to ECC 6.0 EHP 1

When a client onboards with Rimini Street, we archive for future use all the software releases they are contractually entitled to from the vendor, using an ISO 9001-certified process. With their new releases safely “on the shelf,” they can then upgrade at a time of their own choosing. Rimini Street doesn’t perform the actual upgrade for the client, but we do support them through the upgrade process and going forward on their new release.

Regardless of your approach to upgrades, Rimini Street can give you the flexibility to upgrade when and how you need to — while simultaneously providing funding for your innovation.

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Instead of feeling obligated to upgrade when vendors tell you to or when they withdraw support on older versions, any upgrade entitlements obtained under your current vendor maintenance agreement can be parked and implemented at a time to suit you with help from Rimini Street." 

— “Rimini Street Challenges Big Software Maintenance Fees,” Forrester Research, 2012

Upgrade Flexibility

We're now good on our new PeopleSoft 9 application releases for at least five years. And do the math: five, six years up the road, we can take our savings from switching to Rimini Street Support and license whatever new applications we want, from the vendor of our choosing - and still save money." 

— Gary James, Senior Director, Corporate Systems

We leveraged Rimini Street for both the portal upgrade and the support pack upgrade to bring us up-to-date. Both went well. Rimini Street was of great help in this regard”

— Director, SAP Center of Excellence