Experience personalized support while radically reducing annual SAP maintenance costs

Rimini Street provides third-party support for your SAP HANA Database, enabling you to save 50 percent on annual support fees and avoid expensive forced upgrades. Savings can be reinvested to enable innovation to drive true business value.

Receive strategic advisory services on interoperability, configuration, performance tuning and application roadmapping at no extra cost. Fund IT innovation and drive business growth with savings of up to 90 percent on your total maintenance costs.

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SAP HANA Database Support Coverage

Rimini Streets supports HANA in conjunction with support for SAP Business Suite applications, SAP Business Warehouse, and the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform; we also support HANA Database as a standalone.

How SAP Customers Innovate and Grow by Moving to Rimini Street

What if you could cut your SAP support costs in half — plus increase ROI, strengthen control over your software roadmap, and drive innovative IT programs that give your business a competitive edge? You can. Download this eBook to learn how.

"My role in QA specifically ensures that I bring our clients exceptional service and even exceed exceptional whenever possible. No detail is too small."

You deserve an SAP HANA Database support services program engineered for you. With Rimini Street you’ll find support engineers focused on providing the highest level of enterprise software support.

  • You’ll know your Primary Support Engineer (PSE) by name.
  • We guarantee a response to critical issues within 15 minutes.
  • Our PSEs have an average of 15 years of SAP expertise.
  • You can stay on your existing platform for at least 15 years.

Nearly 2,100 active clients are supported by Rimini Street worldwide

“Moving to Rimini Street was an easy decision for us — a big move with very little effort.”

Yael Urman, Director of Applications, PBF Energy

Want your SAP HANA support program to go where no software vendor has gone before? At Rimini Street, break-fix support and routine maintenance are just the beginning.

Standard Support Program FeatureRimini StreetSAP
Named, regional Primary Support Engineer for each client
Named Global Account Manager for each client
24/7/365 support with 15-minute guaranteed response time for Priority 1 issues
Full support with no forced upgrades
Full support of current release for at least 15 years
Performance tuning
Interoperability support
Strategic roadmap services
Strategic vendor-neutral security guidance
Onboarding and archiving services
50% Annual maintenance fees savings
Installation and upgrade support
Configuration support
Operational support
Application, repository and documentation fixes

Supported SAP HANA Database Technical Components

Backing up your Rimini Street Primary Support Engineer is a team of functional and technical experts who bring deep expertise to troubleshooting all aspects and components of your SAP HANA Database, including:

HANA Advanced Data Processing
HANA Client
HANA Host Agent
HANA Information Composer
HANA Spatial
HANA Studio
HANA XS Advanced Runtime
HANA XS Engine
LT Replication AddOn
LT Replication Server
SAP BusinessObjects Data Services