Third Party Software Support: Big Savings, Better Support

Rimini Street redefines what IT teams can expect from their support vendors. We deliver exceptional third-party enterprise software support for Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel and other applications, and save our clients up to 90% on their total enterprise software support costs. By freeing up funds and resources, our clients can accelerate their business-driven roadmaps that drive competitive advantage and growth.

Before you take on a major upgrade or sign up for yet another year of annual support with your original vendor, talk to us.

What Makes Rimini Street Better?

Nearly 3.4K

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Nearly $5B

In Client
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Call-back SLA for Critical Issues

15+ Years

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Cut Costs, to Re-invest in Innovation, with Rimini Street Third Party Support

Shift your spending from costly maintenance to the innovations that will help you compete by leveraging third party software support from Rimini Street. Our award-winning independent support specialists can show you how to significantly reduce the maintenance costs of your Oracle, SAP and Salesforce systems. By lowering expenses for your enterprise software, you can devote more of your budget to the strategic business initiatives that will help differentiate you from the competition. 

Rimini Street has delivered premium third party support for enterprise and database applications since 2005. We also assist with customizations and value-added services at no extra cost. We help you extend the life of your ERP system, while avoiding unnecessary charges, so you can free up funds for innovation and growth. That's why clients worldwide, including Fortune 500 and Global 100 organizations, choose Rimini Street third party software maintenance services to keep their systems running smoothly.

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Why Clients Choose Rimini Street

Tired of vendor lock-ins, slow response times and maintenance on their schedule?

Rimini Street provides deep troubleshooting expertise and a customer-centric approach to support. Your typical vendor-driven support organizations take the opposite approach. They tend to respond slowly, shy away from customizations and shirk issue escalation so that you end up doing it yourself. They also lock you into contracts that require you to pay for unnecessary upgrades to retain full support that may not align with your business requirements, strategy and budget.

We do things differently. Rimini Street has no hidden agenda to sell you more software. We have one key objective: to provide you with excellent third party software support services. Our third party software support gives you more:

  • Flexibility. Run your technology the way you want to, rather than the way the vendor tells you to. This means no more forced upgrades that offer little value.
  • Choice. You can choose to customize and get support for it at no extra charge.
  • Saving: Reduce total support fees up to 90%. Compared with vendor support prices, our clients save an average of 75% on total maintenance costs, leaving more funds available for innovation.
  • Dedicated Support: Getting shuffled around or even ignored by your original vendor? Our third-party services employ dedicated primary support engineers who are familiar with your systems. Plus, you get round-the-clock support and response times of 15 minutes or less for critical issues.

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Potential Savings

To date, Rimini Street clients have saved nearly $5B in total software maintenance costs. Calculate how much Rimini Street can save your organization.