Rimini Street is pleased to offer medical coverage through Canada Life.

You and your eligible dependents can participate in our medical plan as of your date of hire. You must complete your enrolment and be actively at work for your benefits to be effective. Rimini Street pays 100% of your medical premiums for both you and your eligible dependents.

Rimini Street Third-Party Support for SAP S4/HANA

Medical Includes

  • Hospitalization Benefits
    • Ambulance Transportation
    • Semi-Private Room
  • Out of Province/Country Emergency Coverage
  • Paramedical Services up to C$750 per practitioner (see plan documents for list covered providers)
  • Mental Health Services up to C$1500 per practioner (see plan documents for list covered providers)
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Vision
    • Eye examinations – covered every 24 months
    • Prescription Eyeglasses/Contacts – C$200 every 24 months

For more detailed information regarding our plan, please review the plan booklet available online with Canada Life.

  • Your Spouse, legal or common-law
  • You unmarried children under age 21 or under age 25 if they are full-time students (age 26 in Quebec)
  • Children, who are incapable of supporting themselves because of mental or physical disorder are covered without limit if the disorder begins before they turn 21 or while they are students under 25 and disorder is continuous since that time.


Rimini Street provides Dental coverage to employees and dependents through Canada Life.

Our Dental Plan provides coverages such as :

  • Basic and Accidental Services – which are reimbursed at 100% to maximum of $2500 CAD Per calendar Year (accidental is reimbursed based on Reasonable and Customary Requirements)
    • Preventative screenings
    • X-Rays
    • Fillings
    • Dentures
  • Major Coverage – which is reimbursed at 50% to a maximum of $2500 CAD per calendar year
    • Crowns
    • Onlays
    • Bridgeworks
  • Orthodontics – which is reimbursed at 50% to a maximum of $2500 CAD per lifetime

Please review the plan documents for more information on covered services for the dental plan.

Life & Disability

Life Insurance

Rimini Street provides Basic, Dependent, and Optional Life insurance to employees and eligible dependents. Rimini Street pays the premiums for both Basic and Dependent Life insurance coverages. Optional life insurance is funded 100% by employee payroll deductions.

Life & Disability

Basic Life and AD&D insurance coverage

  • 300% of annual earnings
  • Non-evidence maximum of $200,000 CAD
  • Overall maximum of $750,000 CAD
  • Coverage reduced to 50% at age 65

Optional Life insurance

  • Available in $10,000 CAD units to a maximum of $300,000 CAD for employee or covered spouse, dependent on approval of Evidence of insurability

Dependent Life Insurance

  • Spouse coverage of $20,000 CAD
  • Child coverage of $10,000 CAD

Critical Illness

When diagnosed with a covered illness, the Critical Illness policy will pay a lump sum of $25,000 CAD. List of diagnoses and coverage limitations provided in plan documents with Canada Life. This benefit is paid for by Rimini Street.

Disability coverage

Rimini Street provides Short- and Long-Term disability coverage for employees through Canada Life. For tax reasons, employees pay 100% of the premiums for these disability coverages which allows these benefits to be paid on a post-tax basis. These deductions are paid through payroll deductions.

Short Term Disability – this plan provides weekly income replacement based on income lost because of disability due to disease or injury. The following coverages are based on regular weekly earnings not including commission, bonus or any extra compensation:

  • Calculated at 78% of first $288 CAD, then 60% up to $1,153 CAD, and 50% of the remainder of weekly earnings
  • Weekly Maximum is $1,350 CAD; non-evidence maximum is $1,000 CAD
  • Benefit period is 17 weeks

Long Term Disability – this plan provides regular income to replace income lost because of a lengthy disability due to disease or injury. The plan is based on regular salary not including bonus, commission or other extra compensation and paid on a monthly basis.

  • Calculated at 78% of first $1,250 CAD, then 60% up to $5,000 CAD and 50% of the remainder of monthly earnings.
  • Monthly Maximum is $10,000 CAD; non-evidence maximum is $3,300 CAD
  • Benefit period is 24 months own occupation; any occupation thereafter – to age 65

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Retirement readiness is an important part of overall financial wellness. The Rimini Street Company RRSP Plan administered by Canada Life offers a variety of investment options. Rimini Street generously matches 100% of each dollar you contribute up to the first 4% of your annual compensation after you have been employed with the company for 12 months.
For enrollment assistance please watch.

Full-time employees can contribute from their first day of employment.
Company match commences after 12 months of full-time employment. Please see below table for match confirmation

Employee Contributions
Employer Contributions


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Time Off


Rimini Street provides paid time off to employees so that they may celebrate festivals and holidays as follows.
For a current list of holidays, please refer to Global Holiday Calendar available on the intranet: HR site>Canada >Employee Resources.

New Year's Day
Family Day
Good Friday
Victoria Day
Canada Day
Civic Holiday (BC only)
Labour Day
Rememberence Day
Christmas Day*
Boxing Day*
*If the public holiday falls on a weekend, the next working day will be deemed a public holiday.