ACTC - Casa do Coração

ACTC – Casa do Coração Visit

For children born with a heart condition or those affected by pediatric heart complications, access to quality medical care is a matter of life and death. And if the child is fortunate enough to be on a transplant list and a donated heart is available, they have only a short window of time to race to the hospital and prepare for surgery. There is no time for travel and your proximity to the hospital is paramount. So what do you do when the hospital that can offer your child a heart transplant and/or treatment is out of reach and you lack the financial means to stay close by? This is where ACTC comes in the save the day and your child’s life.

For the past 25 years, ACTC – Casa do Coração (“House of Hearts”) has housed thousands of families from far and wide as they wait for transplants or receive treatment and follow-up care. Located near the top medical centers of São Paulo where comprehensive pediatric care is offered, the center is managed by trained medical doctors, nurses, case workers, and staff who assist families with everything they need during their road to wellness. The children and their caregiver are offered room and board, therapy, a variety of enrichment activities, and even tutoring to keep up with their studies.

During our visit, Rimini Street Team Brazil was greeted with a lovely handmade card from the adorable children of ACTC along with toothy grins and sweet smiles. We enjoyed an afternoon of arts and crafts together, coloring, molding clay, and taking silly photos. We are eternally grateful to the ACTC Team and the wonderful families for inviting us into their home and into their hearts.