Anna House

Anna House’s Dinner Service Event

Some call Anna House a home. Some call Anna House a place of hope. Everyone calls Anna House a place of happiness. This faith-based rescue mission and resource center was established in 1998 after the IMF crisis which devastated millions of lives across Asia. Homelessness does not discriminate and neither does Anna House. They provide help to both children, adults, and the elderly, with a wide range of programs designed to help them get back on their feet or find a long-term solution to their unsteady situation. They offer shelter to children and youth who have been ousted out of their homes or who have run away from danger, giving them a place to live and thrive, learning how to become independent adults through proper education and mentoring. They provide clothing and toiletries to those in need during their monthly shopping event and every day, they feed hundreds a hearty meal to nourish their body and soul.

Rimini Street’s Team Korea had the opportunity to partake in the well-orchestrated dinner service during our Volunteer Event. All the food preparations begin around noon and the operations for the kitchen is beyond impressive as the chefs create enormous amounts of food on some of the largest industrial kitchenware we’ve ever laid eyes on! When dinner time came, our team members were all given stations to man, serving big heaps of rice and scooping a variety of banchan (side dishes) onto the oncoming tray, quickly washing and sanitizing cups, dishes, and silverware for the next rush, and most importantly, greeting each client with a big smile. Before we knew it, we had served over 500 men and women from all walks of life and were thanked by the staff members for our participation.

We are so grateful to have been a part of Anna House’s dinner service event and to provide them with financial aid to continue their great mission. We also all are in awe of the work the volunteers do on a daily basis. One of the volunteers is a retired gentleman, 80 years young, who still volunteers his time in the kitchen most every single day of the week without fail. This level of dedication is a reflection of Anna House’s great accomplishments, to create a bond between the members of the community through one smile, one meal, one kind act, one day at a time.