BOSCO Bangalore

Anugraha Girls Home

In a safe haven called Anugraha Girls’ Home, young girls of the Bengaluru region from ages 4 to 7 find refuge, familial love, and most importantly, a place where they can restore their hope for a bright future. Two Salesian Sisters with the help of financial donors have fostered and changed the lives of dozens of children a year since 2012. Anugraha Girls’ Home provide around the clock care and formal education to these young girls, who without the support of caring individuals would have been subjected to a life of poverty, homelessness, abandonment, or worse.

Thanks to the Sisters’ and donors’ help, the young girls of Anugraha Girls’ Home not only have a chance to enjoy a real childhood, they also have a chance to grow up to be the best they can be in a safe,┬ánurturing environment. Along with education, they are also highly encouraged to take an interest in arts and crafts, singing, dancing and acting for recreational fun and personal development.

On a visit to the Girls’ Home to meet with the children the Foundation had sponsored, Rimini Street executives and the children shared an unforgettable afternoon filled with laughter and joy. We particularly enjoyed the well-rehearsed dance performance the children prepared for our team members! Thank you to all the many supporters of the Anugraha Girls’ Home and to the wonderful children who left a profound impression on our hearts forever.