Baby's Bounty

Baby’s Bounty Visit

In a hospital, a father of a newborn takes his shirt off as a makeshift blanket wrap his baby in, because that is all they have. Parents mourn the loss of their infant because of an unfortunate accident of suffocation caused by the adult rolling over the child sleeping in the same bed. A mother sits alone in a motel, depressed and worried for the welfare of her child because she has no resources, no money, and no one to turn to for help. These are just a few of the reasons why Kim Amato founded Baby’s Bounty in 2008. Her mission to provide a healthy start for new parents from all walks of life has saved the lives of countless children in the Las Vegas region and forged a path for hundreds of individuals to receive the help and education they need in order to become the best parents they can be for their beloved child.

At the Baby’s Bounty office, expecting parents and new parents come to learn the basics of post-natal care, infant safety, and best practices for healthy child-rearing. They are also provided with customized Baby Bundles which includes everything from diapers, baby wipes, car seats, portable cribs, and even a handmade blanket and toy quilted by volunteers. Baby’s Bounty’s goal to “provide a good start for every baby” has directly improved the chances of survival and healthy growth for thousands of families in Las Vegas and we are grateful to be a contributor to their exceptional organization.