Balavikas Educational Society

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Just a short distance drive from Rimini Street’s Hyderabad office is a place called Balavikas Educational Society. Love grows in abundance here. Every day for the past 6 years, more than 100 differently abled children of all backgrounds are cared for by educators and rehabilitation experts who understand and support their unique needs in areas of education, comprehensive care, and personal development. From speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, audiology, psychotherapy, and special education for the intellectually or audibly challenged, the services are provided at no-cost to the families who otherwise would be put in a difficult position or financial hardship as they try to balance work, family, and care for their child.

Beacon Academy is the place where hope thrives for teens and young adults who have made the conscious decision to go back to school and graduate with a diploma in hand. These resilient students are given the opportunity to learn and Rimini Street is honored to be a supporter of Balavikas and their continued mission to provide bespoke care, hearing aids, quality education, and a safe, loving environment where children who are often marginalized can thrive. We are so grateful to the team and children of Balavikas who welcomed us (literally!) with open arms and put on an incredible Talent Show specially for us. It was a magical performance of talent and passion and one we will remember for a lifetime!