Blue Star Moms of Southwest Valley

Blue Star Moms of Southwest Valley Visit

“Freedom is not free.” It comes at the cost of lives of men and women who sacrifice to protect their countrymen, standing in the frontline of danger and the unknown. And at home, their families and loved ones, wait anxiously for their safe return. Blue Star Mothers was formed in 1942 at the height of the second world war. It started with a group of 600 mothers whose children were stationed overseas and their shared devotion to bring their sons home safely and provide assistance to one another. From one group formed another, and another. Today, Blue Star Mothers chapters span across America, each on a mission to support the officers that safeguard the world as well as the ones who have come back home to the place they promised to protect.

During Rimini Street’s Global Legal Team Meeting, we partnered with the Blue Star Moms of Southwest Valley located in Phoenix, Arizona to create care packs to be sent overseas and received in time for the holiday season. There was not one dry-eye in the room as we listened to real letters written back from the soldiers who received these packets in prior years, what these care packs meant to them during their toughest, loneliest hours. Along with essentials, candies, fun games and small gifts, we added handwritten messages of strength onto our decorated cards in hopes they would feel our gratitude through each word.

Rimini Street stands proudly with the peacekeepers of the world and we salute you.