Children's Hospice Association of Scotland

Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland Visit

As the only hospice service for children diagnosed with life-shortening conditions in Scotland, the Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland (CHAS) has been a pillar of strength for the young and the family members who love them dearly. For more than two decades, CHAS has offered at-home assistance (CHAS at Home) and accomodated dozens of families in their “home from home” hospices, the Rachel House located in Kinross (pictured) and the Robin House in Balloch, with around the clock palliative care.

Currently supporting more than 380 families across Scotland, CHAS is not only a way for precious children in end of life stages to enjoy their time in a safe, fun environment, it is also a haven for parents and siblings to refocus, receive personal and peer counselling, and create lasting memories together as a family. Rimini Street’s donation to CHAS will be used for their ongoing efforts to bring as many smiles as possible to the families and the children whose shortened time will forever be remembered.