Clean the World

Clean the World
Las Vegas

Every year, approximately 1.8M children die from preventable, hygiene-related illnesses with a majority of these deaths occurring in Africa and South Asia. The World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank have concluded that hand washing with bars of soap is “the most efficient and cost effective intervention to reduce this tragic statistic.” So how do we get bars of soap to those who need it the most and educate them on sanitary practices?

Clean the World Foundation is the hero the world desperately needed, fighting both illnesses in developing countries and unnecessary congestion of landfills in developed regions. Clean the World partners with thousands of hotels from around the globe to collect all soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions that have been left behind by guests.  Once they have been collected, they are then shipped to one of 3 recycling centers where used soap bars are sanitized and processed into new bars of soap through their state-certified methods. Shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles are manually sorted and either redistributed through their Hygiene Kits or recycled further. All soaps and Hygiene Kits are then sent to where they are needed most, both locally and globally.

Rimini Street team had a blast during our trip to Clean the World Las Vegas where we sorted through mountains of bottles from hotels ranging from The Hyatt to Disney Resorts to Caesars Palace. We are humbled to have volunteered with Clean the World and to have been a part of their life saving, environment protecting mission! Thank you Clean the World!

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