Cupcake Girls

Cupcake Girls – Local For All

Joy Hoover believes that everyone, no matter their profession, deserves respect, support and care. She believes in showing up. This belief compelled her to visit an adult club in Las Vegas, box of pink cupcakes in hand, and offer them to the women working there to break the ice and show them that if they needed support of any kind, if they needed someone to confide in without judgement or agenda, she was there. Thus, Cupcake Girls was born – an organization that offers holistic support to those in the adult entertainment industry, many who are victims of human trafficking. Joy Hoover, as Founder and CEO, has scaled her operation from a single box of cupcakes to a network of dynamic individuals and outreach, referral, and case management programs designed to help individuals working in the sex industry receive quality care, support, and a path to a new life whenever and for whatever reason.

The Rimini Street Foundation shares Joy’s belief in showing up to support humankind, and we are honored to continually support such an incredible organization with a huge impact to their community. Rimini Street participated in a special Volunteer Activity during our 2020 Sales Kick-Off in Las Vegas, assisting with the construction of the Cupcake Girl’s new Local For All community and resource center. Approximately 200 of our Rimini Street colleagues were the first visitors to the construction site besides the Cupcake Girls crew, breaking down walls and barriers for the marginalized, often misunderstood community of women, men, and children who deserve love and rights equal to all.