Ekalavya Foundation: Akshaya Vidya Program

Ekalavya Foundation: Akshaya Vidya Program

Ekalavya is a legendary character in India, a self-educated child who devoted himself to mastering the craft of archery. The Ekalavya Foundation, a charity dedicated to uplifting the marginalized individuals of India, embodies the spirit of this champion who against all odds, becomes an exalted hero renown throughout the land and a respected symbol of discipline and loyalty.

By taking a holistic approach to combating poverty and offering programs that bring consciousness to the interdependence of humans and the environment, Eklavya is on a mission to create a healthy future for India by eradicating the root cause of poverty through education, environmental consciousness, and self-reliability. For example, educating farmers on sustainable farming practices lessens the impact on the land while yielding greater crops and long-term income for the rural community. It also means the land will continue to give more in years to come, reducing the chance for famine and drought. By supporting the younger generation through education, Eklavya is making a promise for a brighter tomorrow for all.

Akshaya Vidya is the after-school program of Ekalayva Foundation which spans across 90 centers across the most income constrained parts of Hyderabad as well as 44 centers (and expanding!) in other regions of India. The centers are strategically placed within blocks of one another, allowing parents to easily pop in and verify their child is nearby and safe and not lured by gangs into unfavorable situations. Some centers are bare bones, some are more equipped than others, however, each center supports dozens of children by offering after school assistance with their homework and staying focused on education as the ticket to get out of poverty. The students who were once part of the program then can study to become a tutor and help shape the future of new students. There are so many wonderful stories from students and parents alike, whose lives were forever changed by this program.

Rimini Street is proud to sponsor 5 of the Akshaya Vidya centers with financial and voluntary aid and hope our company’s success will allow to support many more! To date, this program has touched the lives of 4000 students and we hope our donation of school supplies and laptops will foster the great determination and spirit of Eklavya in our beloved children.

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