Harmony Home Taiwan

Harmony Home Taiwan – Supporting Advocacy and Empowerment for Marginalized Communities

Those living with AIDS/HIV (PLHA) often find themselves subject to discrimination, stigma, and violation of basic human rights, which impacts their ability to secure shelter, employment, and even proper care. With nearly 40,000 individuals in Taiwan living with a positive HIV diagnosis, and almost half of those advanced to AIDS stage, the impact and ripple effect of this discrimination is heavy, both for the individuals living with PLHA, and for their families.

Nicole Yang, who has worked with people living with PLHAs since 1986, founded Harmony Home Taiwan in 2011 with a mission to provide shelter, care, treatment access, and support to individuals and families impacted by PLHA in Taiwan. Yang’s Harmony Home Taiwan humanitarian efforts also extend to migrant workers with difficulties, victims of human trafficking, and non-Taiwanese children and their mothers.

Community is a core tenet to Rimini Street’s mission, dedicated to giving back and supporting causes that help those in need in the communities in which we operate and serve. In 2022, Harmony Home Taiwan was the recipient of a donation from The Rimini Street Foundation to continue their mission. Rimini Street’s Taiwan team was honored to also participate in a charity event and a playtime with the children that Harmony Home Taiwan supports.

Harmony Home Taiwan’s comprehensive services open doors – literally and figuratively – to the marginalized communities it serves, enabling education, employment, health, and ultimately, better lives, and The Rimini Street Foundation is proud to support the organization’s efforts.