Harold's House-Angelina Alliance for Children

Harold’s House-Angelina Alliance for Children

When children are victimized by abuse, the lingering effects can last a lifetime, for both the victim as well as the families who love and want to protect them from the painful event. Harold’s House East Texas Alliance for Children is a safe environment where children can receive the care they need with minimal evasiveness from the often pressing judicial and health system. They offer medical examinations, forensic interviews, family and victim services, court accompaniment, as well as a temporary home for foster children. In 2015, Harold’s House served 380 victims and 850 secondary victims of sexual and physical abuse.

With our donation, Harold’s House will be able to purchase additional medical equipment for their 2 offices, helping to expedite and ease the process of medical examinations by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) certified professional. While we hope the number of victims are one day reduced to zero, in the meantime we look forward to assisting Harold’s House as they empower the voices of little children of East Texas.