Hyderabad Children's Aid Society

Hyderabad Children’s Aid Society

“They are no longer orphans. They have a forever home here with us.” These are the beautiful words spoken by the Director of the Hyderabad Children’s Aid Society, a place where children who were once without homes or family are given an opportunity to reach their greatest potentials under the care of loving staff, teachers, volunteers and new sisters and brothers. Founded in 1950 by a husband and wife who wanted to devote their life to the underserved children of India, Hyderabad Children’s Aid Society currently houses, feeds, educates, and nurtures over 200 delightful children with the help of donors and volunteers.

On our recent visit to the Hyderabad Children’s Aid Society, we gifted each child with a specially hand packed Hygiene Kit filled with necessities, toys, candy and a whole lot of Rimini Love. And better yet, they will be able to use their gift in the newly expanded and renovated bathroom we are funding for their very busy home! The Rimini Team is deeply moved and inspired by the children, staff and the mission of the Hyderabad Children’s Aid Society and look forward to a wonderful partnership for many years to come.