Instituto Muda Brasil

IMBRA: Instituto Muda Brasil

In a neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil riddled with makeshift homes is an oasis called IMBRA Instituto Muda Brasil where all children are welcome to escape the lure of the street life and focus on a future through education, personal growth, sports, and friendship. At IMBRA, their mission is to “develop and disseminate practices that promote the integral development of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability through sports and other socio-educational activities, entrepreneurship and community development.” With this strong belief, the staff and volunteers of IMBRA work tirelessly to bring opportunities to their members they otherwise would not have access to, programs that could help them break the cycle of poverty once and for all.

During our visit to IMBRA, we introduced our Country Manager, Edenize Maron Gundim, to a group of girls that were interested in STEM and encouraged them to follow in her footsteps and pursue a career in technology. We also participated in ballet exercises, met a little girl who aspires to become a journalist (and was practicing her daily news report for the camera!), and shared many laughs with the children and teens who were preparing for futebol (soccer) games. Rimini Street is proud to financially partner with such an impactful organization and look forward to visiting again as Guest Speakers and mentors.