Kids Against Hunger

Kids Against Hunger – Food Packing

In a world where over a billion people have little or no food to eat, organizations like Kids Against Hunger are fighting to change this staggering statistic every single day. Since 1999, Kids Against Hunger has worked with countless number of contributors and volunteers to package and deliver highly nutritious meals to over 60 countries around the world. In each packet of food which can easily be prepared over a pot of boiling water, contains fast cooking white rice (a dietary staple in most cultures), soy protein (as many recipients are vegetarians), powerful and life-saving vitamins, dried vegetables and seasonings for taste. All of the packets are prepared by volunteers and delivered by carefully planned methods of transportation which ensure the foods reach their intended recipients safely. To date, KAH has successfully provided millions with their life-saving meals.

For Rimini Street Team California’s Volunteer Month activity in 2018 and 2019, our colleagues and their families enjoyed participating in their food packing program where we produced thousands of meals in mere hours. We shared a ton of laughs and poured our love into each packet in hopes that it will provide families with much needed strength to overcome their daily challenges. And in support of KAH’s greater mission to eradicate hunger, we ended each day with a financial donation and a big cheer!