King’s House Children’s Center

King’s House Children’s Center

In Nakuru County, Kenya, little girls dream the same dream as any other girl around the world – to grow up healthy and strong, to love and be loved, and to live a life filled with hope and achievements far beyond their imagination. Thanks to the King’s House Children Center, these dreams have been made possible. For more than a decade, the King’s House has become a haven for vulnerable girls who have been abandoned, orphaned, and/or abused. It is a place they call home, a place of safety and comfort, and also a place of personal growth. The girls enrolled in the King’s House Children’s Center are ages of 5 and older and the center can take in up to 20 girls at a time. They receive education as well as resources that empower them to live an enriched life after they reach adulthood.

One of the greatest achievements of the King’s House is their ability to run a self-sustained center by supplementing their financial needs through various income-generating projects. The donations received by generous benefactors have allowed them to purchase land and tools for their Water Project, Gardens, and a mini-farm for poultry, eggs, and dairy, all of which are managed by the center, its staff, and the girls. These projects not only support the organization and the girls, it also benefits the entire community as they offer clean water and quality goods at a fair price.

We are extremely proud of our colleague Stanley Mbugua and his family, who have been long time supporters and volunteers at the King’s House Children’s Center and appreciate the opportunity to contribute to their impressive, impactful organization.

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