Larkin Street Youth Services

Larkin Street Youth Services

In the heart of the Tenderloins of San Francisco, there is a spot of sunshine called Larkin Street Youth Services, a place where homeless and displaced children and young adults aged 12-24 find refuge from the hustle and bustle of inner city life. Larkin Street welcomes over 3,000 clients throughout the year and offers a wide variety of services including medical, mentorship, employment, and personal development.

The goal of Larkin Street Youth Services is to help each client rebuild their lives by providing them with a safe environment, free from judgement or negativity that can often manifest into self-destruction. Larkin Street dignifies its clients by offering basics such as access to showers, washers, dryers, clean clothes, and kitchens as well as special medical attention by a certified nurse who manages their onsite clinic. They also encourage clients to reflect and heal themselves through creative expressions such as music or art, and concentrate on their studies with access to computers in their technology labs.

During our visit, Rimini Street Foundation donated laptops to support the continued efforts of the Larkin Street Youth Services Education program. We hope that each youth soon find their road to success and look forward to a wonderful continued partnership with our friends at Larkin Street.

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