Brixton Soup Kitchen

Brixton Soup Kitchen – Nourishing the Souls of Britain

Homelessness and food insecurity is one of the most pervasive and challenging issues in our society, a problem that is present in most all countries across the globe. From the age of 12, Solomon Smith, founder of Brixton Soup Kitchen, has been hard at work to support the hungry families of Britain. Brixton Soup Kitchen is a self-funded project that has now blossomed into a full-fledged organization that helps homeless people from Brixton all the way to London. Brixton Soup Kitchen offers outreach programs for the homeless beyond the kitchen, offering resources to help individuals get back on their feet including access to legal resources.

For Team UK’s Volunteer Month, Rimini Street partnered with Brixton Soup Kitchen to host a special day of Cooking & Collecting – cooking meals to be later delivered to individuals in need, and collecting of funds from the public to raise awareness and fund Brixton Kitchen’s important programs. And since we at Rimini Street love a healthy competition, the Collection Team set off in groups to collect as many coins in the bucket for the most worthy cause!

We are grateful for heroes such as Solomon Smith and his dedicated volunteers whose kindness and nourishing meals feel the hungry felt by our British friends living with food insecurity. Thank you, Brixton Kitchen and way to go Rimini Street Family!