Hal Smith Elementary School

Teach for America – Hal Smith Elementary School

A teacher’s greatest wish is to have access to all the tools and resources that can empower his or her students to become the best and the most successful as they can be. Sadly in too many schools across America, teachers and students alike suffer from the lack of access to technology, books, and updated learning materials. Teach for America (TFA) is a nation-wide organization that is working tirelessly to break the cycle of poverty and dependence caused by educational failure through their unique method of recruiting, developing, and deploying new-age educators from non-traditional backgrounds. Once they are fully trained as TFA educators, they are hired by low-income schools with measurable success and impact on their classrooms and community at large.

Rimini Street recently partnered with Teach for America to provide laptops to the first-grade students of Hal Smith Elementary School in Las Vegas where they were in dire need of the equipment for their Reading Rangers program. After finishing a book, the students take a quiz after. When you have 20 students and only one laptop, the process is more than challenging. With the donation, the entire first-grade is now able to track their reading progress, take their quizzes together, and improve their research and writing skills. We are so thankful for the introduction to Hal Smith Elementary School and look forward to delivering many more smiles to students through our continued partnership with Teach for America.