Three Square

Three Square Volunteer Day

As the largest food bank and distributor in the Southern Nevada region, Three Square is responsible for helping the 270,000+ food insecure individuals and families receive nutritious meals and fresh produce throughout the year. Three Square Food Bank partners with more than 150 local and national grocery and food chains, retailers, distributors, and wholesalers to assist 160 Program Partners such as Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Catholic Charities, Meals on Wheels, schools and community centers. Through the efforts of the thousands of weekly volunteers who sort and pack produce, create weekend food backpacks, cook special meals for children, and maintain the very large facilities, Three Square performs at peak efficiency and is able to dedicate 94 cents of every dollar towards food distribution!

During our annual Sales Kick Off event, our global colleagues visited Three Square for an afternoon of packing fresh produce and vegetables for seniors. In mere 2 hours, we prepared hundreds of produce bags filled with apples, oranges, potatoes, and onions. At the end of the event week, we invited Three Square to our Awards Ceremony and presented them with a donation that equates to 30,000 meals for Las Vegas residents. Thank you, Three Square, for the tremendous work you do to empower our community with dignity and kindness.