Tokyo Goodwill Bank

Tokyo Goodwill Bank – Wheelchair Donations

Mobility, Dignity and Ability – these are just 3 of the many reasons why full recline wheelchairs have been in such high demand for senior centers around the world. Through our partnership with Tokyo Goodwill Bank, an organization that helps bridge the needs of the Tokyo community with the helping hands of corporations and citizens of the region, we delivered full recline wheelchairs to 4 different senior care facilities who have previously been placed on a waiting list for one of these coveted chairs.

With our donation, recipients of the full recline wheelchairs can sit, lay, stretch and relax with lessened stiffness while the staff can assist with their mobility needs with greater ease. We loved visiting with each facility and meeting with the wonderful staff and members of the Mitaka Shisuien, Kotobukien, Harmony Matsuba, and Musashinoryoen Senior Centers as well as receiving an honorary plaque from the Director of the Tokyo Goodwill Bank which now proudly hangs in our Nihon Rimini office.