ERP vendors have changed. Software vendors once delivered functionality, integration, and usability improvements with each upgrade. Today, they are so seemingly focused on developing cloud-based services that they no longer deliver noticeable value to legacy ERP systems. Meanwhile, the pace of technology doesn’t stop, and uncertainty abounds. You’re probably under the gun to shift resources from routine operations to innovation while facing shrinking budgets.

To avoid software vendor-dictated migrations to maintain support and to keep operating systems functioning at peak performance, organizations are making the move to independent, third-party support for ERP systems like Oracle and SAP. To see if independent, third-party support is right for you, this guide answers common questions and provides an overview of factors to consider.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Gain the service, savings, and strategic flexibility needed to follow a business-driven IT roadmap.
  • Turn the 20-22% of software license costs spent annually on vendor support into savings — up to 90% in total cost savings.
  • Access more responsive, follow-the-sun support for critical issues resulting in less time troubleshooting and more time to innovate.
  • Avoid innovation-hampering software vendor roadmaps and get more life out of your enterprise software investments.

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