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*CIO* and *IT* Leaders

CIO and IT Leaders

Over 4,400 clients globally have leveraged Rimini Street support services

Optimize Support Services and Maximize IT Investments

The majority of annual IT budgets go toward ongoing operations and enhancements, with a small percentage available for needed modernization and transformation initiatives that can drive competitive advantage and growth. ERP and database maintenance costs are typically a large, recurring line item in the average IT budget. It is time for all CIOs and IT leaders to explore third-party support and managed IT support services as proven alternatives to traditional, costly vendor support in order to maximize investments and ensure funding and resources to achieve business outcomes.

Cut ERP and database support and maintenance costs

CIOs must focus on both the operational challenges of global business disruption and on prudent IT cost management. Cutting costs quickly but in a thoughtful way is a top priority for IT leaders. Rimini Street independent, third-party support services and comprehensive support solutions can help CIOs immediately save 50% on annual ERP support fees and up to 90% on total support costs. Integrated application management helps remove inefficiencies, streamline processes, and drive better outcomes for clients. Rimini Street has helped SAP and Oracle clients save over $5B to date, enabling them to better focus resources on innovation and strategic initiatives that enhance competitive advantage and fuel growth.

Gain control of your ERP roadmap

Rimini Street replaces software vendor ERP support for enterprise applications and databases, giving organizations the flexibility to strategically defer costly, risky, and unnecessary upgrades or migrations to a new platform until there’s clear business value and ROI — rather than following vendor-dictated timelines just to maintain full support. Rimini Street guarantees support for clients' current implementations for a minimum of 15 years, including customizations, enabling them to focus on critical business initiatives, not ERP and database updates and upgrades.

Prioritize resources to drive competitive advantage and growth

CIOs and IT leaders are doubling down on their digital agendas to maximize competitive advantage, from cyber security, to public cloud migrations, infrastructure updates, and AI and machine learning. Rimini Street's unified support services helps free up IT budgets and resources so organizations can focus on critical growth initiatives and digital transformation.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street solutions deliver a superior service experience, leveraging a scalable, global support model to drive business results. IT leaders can reduce and optimize IT support services costs to invest in competitive advantage and growth

Better model

Don’t upgrade simply to stay fully supported. With Rimini Street’s managed application and support services model, clients can avoid spending potentially millions of dollars to migrate a well-running and stable system to unproven new platforms without a business case or ROI. Preserve the flexibility to move to a strategic platform of choice based on a Business-Driven Roadmap, not vendor-dictated timelines.

Better people

Rimini Street managed IT support services are led by Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) with an average of 20 years of experience. These experts are on the front line, proactively supporting critical ERP and database software with ultra-responsive support to help minimize disruptions and downtime.

Better outcomes

IT leaders can reinvest substantial savings from ERP and managed services support efficiencies into innovative IT initiatives that help create competitive advantage and drive business growth

Featured Clients


“There is a massive amount of technology involved, but the most important thing is how it impacts peoples’ lives.

It was refreshing to engage with a company that is really motivated and enthusiastic to go above and beyond to provide the needed support and help solve our problems.”

Jim Chilton CIO

“[W]ithout the right people, you have nothing. In the end, it’s all about the people you have on your team, and we have a great team.

One of the key components to realizing the vision was identifying a services provider that had a great track record of providing quality support and be willing to help take on the challenge of revitalizing MWRD’s environment. Rimini Street was that partner.”

John Sudduth Director of Information Technology
Pulse Electronics

“As a result of the cost savings that we obtained by partnering with Rimini Street, we are able to invest in innovations that lead to business growth and at the same time ensure we remain competitive in the industry.

I was impressed by how professional and well-organized the onboarding process was. It was executed with care, high-quality of work, and commitment to our success. ”

Alan Wong Global IT Director

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