Rimini Street Clients Have Saved Over $8B in Total Support Costs

According to Gartner, 90% of the average IT budget goes toward ongoing operations and enhancements, while only 10% of the budget is set aside for business transformation initiatives1. ERP and database support costs are a large line item in the average IT budget. Rimini Street Support Services can provide savings relief immediately and over the long run, freeing budget for focus on pressing business needs or investments in innovation.

1Gartner, “IT Key Metrics Data 2021: Executive Summary” December 18, 2020.

Immediately impact the bottom line with 50% savings on annual support fees

Save 50% on annual support fees and up to 90% on total support costs by switching from software vendor support. Rimini Street has helped clients reduce costs and save over $8B to date, enabling them to better focus resources on innovation and strategic initiatives that enhance competitive advantage and fuel growth.

Reduce Software Support Costs with Rimini Street Unified Services

Avoid expensive, disruptive, and low-value upgrades

Closing windows for software vendor full support and coercive vendor audits or “limited time” offers can force customers into performing costly upgrades and migrations to new platforms and releases simply to remain fully supported, resulting in costly budget expenditures, overuse of resources and time, and poor ROI. Rimini Street third-party support helps to reduce fees, preserve future flexibility, and extend the lifespan of current robust enterprise software releases without requiring any costly, labor-intensive upgrades or migrations.

Reduce Software Maintenance Costs with Rimini Street Unified Services

Get support for customizations — at no extra charge

Software vendor standard enterprise application support programs don’t include support for the customizations that have become an integral part of clients’ systems. Many may need to dedicate internal resources or hire expensive consultants to support customizations. Rimini Street supports mission-critical customizations as part of its award-winning support program—at no extra charge. Rimini Street engineers resolve issues and develop fixes that directly address customizations, and support for modified code allows the reallocation of maintenance staff and resources to revenue- or value-enhancing projects.

Save up to 90% on Total Software Support Costs with Rimini Street Unified Services

Eliminate inefficiencies and self-support costs

Avoid costs and budget for additional resources and headcount that can be required to deal with the inefficiencies of software vendor support. Save precious IT, people, and time required to assess, implement, and regression test bundles of patches just to get to the one needed.

Internal support teams also no longer need to hunt for potential issue resolutions on software vendor support portals and online forums, nor will they be forced to replicate an issue in a vanilla environment. Dramatically cut costs and save time and IT resources for strategic initiatives with Rimini Street unified support services — personalized to fit client needs.

Reduce Software Support Costs and Avoid Expensive Upgrades with Rimini Street Unified Services

Why Rimini Street

Better model

Don't change simply for the sake of change — avoid expensive and disruptive upgrades or migrations just to stay supported. Reduce support fees and avoid wasting potentially millions of dollars required to migrate or refresh well-running and stable systems to unproven new platforms without a business case or ROI. Rimini Street guarantees support for stable ERP systems for a minimum of 15 years from the date of contract, plus supports customizations at no extra charge.

Better people

Get access to support experts on the frontlines. Rimini Street delivers a breadth of premium offerings not typically found in other software vendor or third-party support programs including assigned Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) with an average of 20+ years of experience and industry-leading, 24x7x365 response times. PSEs quickly resolve issues and develop fixes that address customizations.

Better outcomes

Free up funds for growth and innovation. Rimini Street clients can take their substantial application support costs savings and invest in new and innovative IT initiatives that create competitive advantage and drive business growth.

Why Rimini Street

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