Software License Services to Help Clients Remain Compliant

Tracking and monitoring software usage and maintaining software license compliance is always important, sometimes complex, and never a small task. It takes a lot of time, effort, and expertise to stay compliant. Rimini Street License Services helps clients understand Oracle and SAP license policies and agreements to proactively manage compliance risk.

The Rimini Street team delivers software license services to prepare clients for vendor audits and mitigate risk of noncompliance, while reducing costs and demands on company resources. Services include guidance on vendor license policies, compliance best practices, and avoiding audit pitfalls.

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License compliance assessment and professional services

License compliance assessment and professional services

Software license services including expert review of system architecture and licensed products/metrics to identify areas of risk, providing compliance recommendations and guidance.
License advisory services

License advisory services

Software license compliance recommendations to help navigate contracting and compliance issues, including audit management and strategic negotiating tactics.
Software asset management services

Software asset management services

Industry-leading software asset management software, combined with services to deliver fast and cost-effective quarterly software license usage reports and actionable recommendations for Oracle and SAP software.

Why Rimini Street

Approach software licensing from a position of strength. Rimini Street is a trusted partner to clients worldwide, bringing deep expertise in software licensing and compliance to help clients reduce risk and potentially costly vendor negotiations.

Better model

Work with an independent partner, not incentivized by the outcome, to help with software license compliance management guidance. Understand rights and obligations, including avoiding negotiation compromises that can force clients into upgrades, artificial cloud migrations, or changes in terms that do not align with business strategy.

Better people

The License Services team is staffed with senior license and compliance professionals with 20+ years of Oracle and SAP software license management services experience.

Better outcomes

Reduce risk. Rimini Street’s experts leverage scalable processes to identify exposure to potentially risky vendor policies and practices. They help clients keep up to date on the latest licensing changes, findings, and negotiation tactics.

Software License Services from Rimini Street

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