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Help strengthen security posture with Rimini Street software security services

Proactive, Tailored, and Intelligent Software Security Services and Solutions

Cybersecurity is a priority for businesses in every sector, but budget constraints and the shortage of talent make it challenging for organizations to maintain a consistent and proactive security posture. Vendor security patching, which requires regression testing and system downtime, is both labor- and time-intensive, sometimes forcing companies to delay patching. This can leave them exposed or behind schedule in implementing their own best practices or software security guidelines.

The Rimini Street Global Security Services team delivers software security services to help clients deploy a holistic, layered security model across the enterprise, providing actionable security intelligence designed to reduce potential exposure.


Security Case Resolution

Log security cases either online or directly with an assigned Primary Support Engineer (PSE).

Security Advisory Services

Help improve security for applications, databases, and the supporting IT environment.

Security Alerts

Get rapid response communication of new threats, with identification details and recommended mitigation.

Security Configuration Analysis

Benefit from state-of-the-art security audit tools to help fine tune and optimize configurations to secure systems.

Strategic Security Roadmap

Establish a security roadmap to help minimize security gaps and work toward continually improving processes in alignment with the latest best practices and software security guidelines.

Security Assessment

Understand the security posture of software and leverage guidance for improving processes and infrastructure.

Additional Security Solutions

Advanced Database Security

Help protect databases from known and unknown vulnerabilities by employing virtual patching to block attempted attacks before they reach the database.
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Advanced Application and Middleware Security

Get real-time, zero-day vulnerability protection to safeguard Oracle and SAP applications and middleware using Java run-time detection and remediation.
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Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street understands the constantly evolving threat landscape and the need for comprehensive software security services, and provides experienced engineers to help clients meet security objectives.

Better model

Rimini Street makes a significant investment in its ISO information security management system and certification and has achieved a perfect ISO 27001 information security certification score for six consecutive years. Clients and partners across the globe have confidence knowing that Rimini Street has an extensive security and compliance framework and software security services staff, and is committed to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data.

Better people

The Rimini Street Global Security Services team is staffed with senior security professionals with an average of 20+ years of experience in enterprise software security services and adherence to software security guidelines and best practices.

Better outcomes

Our team of CISOs, product strategists, and security engineers have experience meeting the needs of nearly 3,400 clients, including the Fortune 500 and highly regulated, high security-clearance clients such as nuclear power plants and defense contractors.

Compare the value

There can be significant risks and challenges in the dated vendor security patch and update model. Rimini Street believes a vendor patch-centric security model may put licensees at risk with a false sense of comprehensive security protection.

Rimini Street Advanced Security Solutions
Traditional Vendor Patching
Protects against known and unknown vulnerabilities without taking systems offline
Yes – protects against both known and unknown vulnerabilities including “zero day” exploits without taking systems offline
No – protects only against known vulnerabilities and requires downtime to apply patches
Updates are published within 24-72 hours after a vulnerability is published.
Yes – if required, updates are available within 24-72 hours after an exploit goes public
No – vulnerabilities may go months or years after they are discovered before a vendor patch is released1
Popular, older releases are protected
Yes – virtual patching protects older releases no longer fully supported by the vendor
No – vendor patches are generally not available for popular, older releases
No need for costly regression testing due to software code changes
Yes – virtual patching is external to the software, does not require extensive regression testing or system downtime, and does not cause code-related problems
No – patching changes software code, requires significant testing and downtime, and can cause potential system problems
Updates are applied seamlessly, speeding time-to-protection and reducing workload
Yes – updates can be automatically applied, providing immediate protection
No – licensees can be 14-18 months behind in patching2
Ability to monitor, report, and alert attempted attacks
Yes – monitoring, reporting, and alerts are provided to improve security posture
No – no monitoring or reporting, and alerts on attempted malicious behavior or actions are not typically provided
Multi-vendor solution
Yes – Rimini Street Security Solutions protect Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft databases, applications, and middleware
No – a vendor’s patches only protect its software and frequently protect- only specific releases
1 Oracle’s April, 2020 CPU release included two patches for 2016 Oracle DB CVEs and two patches for Middleware CVEs from 2016, and another from 2015.

Featured Clients

Xavier University

“Virtual patching is proactive and immediate. We don’t have to sit around and wait for something to happen before we get sent a vendor patch months later.”

Mark Brockman Executive Director of Information Technologies
Tempel Steel

“Every year, we’ve taken the money that we’ve saved by partnering with Rimini Street, and we’ve reinvested it in initiatives that propel our innovation and growth.”

Joe Cannella CIO
LifeWay Christian Resources

“Because we’ve had, and continue to have, such a positive support experience through Rimini Street for our PeopleSoft HCM software, the decision to add Oracle EBS support was much easier.”

David Jamieson Financial Applications Manager

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