Exceptional Service for SAP Sybase Support Needs

Extend lifetime value of SAP Sybase without upgrading

IT leaders running stable SAP Sybase environments can avoid spending their limited IT budgets on unnecessary upgrades. Rimini Street Support for SAP Sybase databases replaces traditional vendor support and enables clients to remain on their current database version for at least 15 additional years to help reduce their total cost of SAP Sybase database ownership. Clients receive ultra-responsive support for SAP Sybase from a team of Rimini Street SAP Sybase support experts significantly reduced costs than support provided by the software vendor, and clients can upgrade on a timeline that suits their business needs and budget.

Support for SAP Sybase

Comprehensive, single-source support for SAP Sybase

Rimini Street supports the following SAP Sybase databases: SAP ASE, SAP Advantage Server, SAP IQ, and SAP SQL Anywhere (collectively the former SAP Sybase family of database products). Companies switching their annual application support for SAP Sybase from the vendor to Rimini Street get the same 50% savings in annual support fees enjoyed by clients utilizing Rimini Street for their enterprise application software support. Licensees who use Rimini Street for combined support of their SAP Sybase database and SAP enterprise applications benefit from an integrated service offering with deeper interoperability and configuration support between the database and application through a single-source provider.

Third-Party Support for SAP Sybase

Important Vendor Support Information

The following SAP Sybase Databases are no longer fully supported by SAP:

  • SAP ASE 15.5 and earlier releases1
  • SAP SQL Anywhere 16 and earlier releases2
  • SAP IQ 15.4 and earlier releases3

Supported SAP Sybase Database Technical Components

Supported SAP Sybase Databases (collectively the former SAP Sybase family of database products): SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), SAP SQL Anywhere, SAP IQ, SAP Advantage DB Server.

SAP Replication Server
SAP IQ Client
SAP IQ Web Drivers
SAP IQ Cockpit

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street support for SAP Sybase database offers all the benefits of a single-provider, integrated support solution for databases and applications.

Better model

In addition to support for SAP Sybase, Rimini Street provides support and maintenance services for SAP product lines and releases, including R/3, ERP 5 and 6 (ECC 5 and 6), plus other SAP Business Suite products. Databases and applications from many other vendors are also supported, enabling a single point of enterprise software maintenance for business-critical deployments.

Better people

Rimini Street delivers expert, dedicated SAP database technology resources who understand SAP environments, security, and the interaction with other applications and can deliver a more responsive support experience for SAP Sybase Database clients than received from vendor-provided SAP Sybase support.

Better outcomes

Rimini Street support for SAP Sybase goes beyond break/fix to include advisory services that address security, uptime, performance, licensing, and interoperability to help minimize risk and ensure databases and all connected applications are available anytime they are needed.

Rimini Street Support for SAP Sybase

Compare the value

Support Features
Rimini Street
Vendor Support
Support Services
Repository and documentation fixes
Operational and configuration support
Installation and upgrade support
Named, regional primary support engineer with an average of 20 years of experience
Account management services
10-minute guaranteed response SLA for P1 critical cases with 2-hour update communications
Full support with no required upgrades
Performance support
Interoperability and integration support
Full support of current release for at least 15 years from contract date
Strategic Services
Technical, functional, and application roadmap advisory services
Cloud advisory services
License advisory services
Security advisory services
Interoperability and integration advisory services
Monitor and check advisory services
Impact on Resources
Significant reduction in operating costs (budget, people, time)
Independence from vendor-dictated roadmap

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Exceptional, independent support for Sybase.

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