Proven Global Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Software Compliance Services for Hundreds of Countries

Governments change tax, export and import, and accounting rules quite often. It’s a dynamic environment and the cost and risk of non-compliance can be steep. Applying generic bundles of tax and regulatory updates (which include unneeded changes) can cost millions of dollars annually and tie up IT staff on non-productive activities. Here's an alternative route to efficiently navigate the ever-changing roads of tax, legal, and regulatory compliance.

Avoid expensive, disruptive upgrades just to stay current with tax, legal, and regulatory updates

The need for tax, legal, and regulatory (TL&R) updates is one of the biggest drivers of vendor upgrades and migrations — often required just so customers can continue to receive TL&R updates. Rimini Street provides tailored, proven TL&R updates without any required upgrades or migrations. Rimini Street has defined and built a highly comprehensive, thorough, and rigorous process for sourcing and delivering TL&R updates to clients seeking software compliance.

Global Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Update Services

Get personalized tax, legal, and regulatory software compliance services and update packages

Rimini Street tax, legal, and regulatory updates help organizations of any size, from any industry, and from anywhere in the world keep their applications up to date and compliant. Rimini Street immediately identifies, verifies, scopes, codes, tests, custom-packages, and delivers the latest updates for quick implementation. The focus of the Rimini Street approach is quality and personalized service, so clients receive only the software compliance updates they need for their unique systems and environments.

Global Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Update Services from Rimini Street

Receive timely delivery of updates to help ensure application compliance

Organizations often struggle to keep up with constant compliance changes in the abbreviated timeframes of complex modules (such as payroll). Rimini Street delivers the highest-quality updates to clients and does so, on average, several days earlier than software vendors — in scenarios where hours and even minutes matter. Achieving this requires Rimini Street software compliance services professionals to work with the world’s local, state, provincial, and national governments — as well as with major tax and regulatory services. This unique methodology results in high-quality deliverables for enterprises and the fastest “Legislature-to-Live”TM update delivery cycle in the industry.

Rimini Street Global Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Compliance Services for Nearly 200 Countries

Why Rimini Street?

Rimini Street is the leader in independent, third-party software support. Experts are on the front line, every time, proactively and efficiently updating clients on vital compliance issues. Rimini Street Global Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Update Services help clients of all sizes in hundreds of countries and a multitude of industries keep their applications up to date and compliant with the latest tax, legal, and regulatory changes.

Better model

Continuous source monitoring of constantly changing TL&R requirements enable Rimini Street to help keep client applications compliant. A dedicated team of Country Research Specialists identifies and verifies requirements on a global basis including researching thousands upon thousands of government sites and information sources covering localities worldwide. Through an innovative combination of patent-pending tax, legal, and regulatory research technology, plus proven methodologies and ISO 9001:2008 certified development processes, Rimini Street provides accurate updates with the fastest "Legislature-to-Live™" delivery cycle in the industry.

Better people

Rimini Street’s dedicated TL&R team includes veteran tax specialists, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Certified Payroll Professionals (CPPs), attorneys, and executives. They offer a blend of international tax, legal, and regulatory expertise combined with senior-level tenure at some of the world’s most respected and prestigious financial services and consulting organizations.

Better outcomes

Client compliance with ever-changing tax, legal, and regulatory requirements becomes turnkey with Rimini Street Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Update Services, including a single source of truth for tax, legal, and regulatory updates worldwide; human resources changes; transaction tax changes; and financial regulatory changes. Client internal teams are freed from the arduous processes of global compliance maintenance, instead allowing for a focus of time, effort, and monetary resources on business-building IT efforts.

Keep Software Applications Compliant with Rimini Street Global Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Updates

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Rimini Street is the only partner that can support the Japanese market with the high-quality support and protection we need, at a price that aligns with our financial goals.”

– Keisuke Hamanaka Deputy General Manager, Process, IT and Data Management
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Without Rimini Street, a ton of our projects would still be stuck at the proposal stage. Instead, they’ve allowed us to start executing AI projects and other major tech initiatives that will be fundamental to competing and providing an excellent customer experience going forward.”

– Kevin Khoo CIO
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Rimini Street delivers what they promise so that we can deliver quality and trust to our clients and end-users.”

– Daniel Lui CIO

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