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*Global Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Update* Services

Global Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Update Services

Software compliance services with the industry's fastest “Legislature-to-Live™” update delivery

Software Compliance Services for Effortless Adherence to Ever-Changing Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Requirements

Rimini Street’s dedicated tax, legal, and regulatory practice helps clients of all sizes keep their ERP software compliance up to date with rate, rule, policy, and reporting changes for nearly 200 countries.

Rimini Street Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Update Services include:

  • Advance notification and analysis of pending changes for each client’s countries and localities
  • Human resources changes
  • Transaction tax changes
  • Financial regulatory changes

Unlike the software vendors, where tax, legal, and regulatory updates are often bundled into new releases with other changes and enhancements that may not be needed, Rimini Street tax, legal, and regulatory updates can be applied to a client’s current version without the excess updates. This helps avoid the extra effort, cost, and effects of unanticipated changes on existing customizations and integrations.


Continuous source monitoring

Thousands of sources are monitored for upcoming changes and analyzed for applicability to specific client environments.

Deep experience

Rimini Street hires the highest-caliber, experienced global tax, legal, and regulatory executives, application compliance experts, engineers, and support professionals.


Continuous software compliance is achievable with the fastest “Legislature-to-Live™” update delivery cycle in the industry.

On-staff experts and in-country advisors

Rimini Street triple-checks the veracity of its research and analysis with international experts from top-tier global accounting and law firms.

Payroll tax engine for SAP

This solution — unique in the industry — performs gross-to-net withholding calculations for U.S. payroll, including federal and all 50 states and territories.

Payroll solutions for Oracle products

Rimini Street provides payroll support for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards clients.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street is a trusted partner to clients worldwide, bringing deep expertise in tax, legal, and regulatory application compliance to help clients reduce risk and stay compliant.

Better model

Rimini Street excels in ensuring software compliance through its tailored global tax, legal and regulatory services. Each update package is developed, tested and delivered to match the unique geographical and business requirements of each client.

Better people

The Rimini Street team of experts monitors and analyzes changes from more than 5,300 government websites and 3,500 information sources covering 26,000 localities in nearly 200 countries. To date, Rimini Street has delivered more than 481,000 timely tax, legal, and regulatory updates to clients, frequently delivering updates sooner than the ERP software vendors do.

Better outcomes

Organizations switching to Rimini Street don’t need to upgrade their current software version just to get tax, legal, and regulatory updates or application compliance. Rimini Street provides the updates needed, which helps extend the life of existing software so clients can focus on initiatives that drive innovation and growth.

Featured Clients

Guest Services

“One of our goals was to become more flexible in our PeopleSoft applications upgrade strategy to be able to decide when and how we upgrade these tools. By archiving the PeopleSoft updates we were already entitled to, we were able to complete an upgrade while on independent support — and do it on our own timeline. If we want to upgrade in the future, that’s a choice we can make without outside pressure.”

Steve Jacobs IT Director
Consumer Electronics Company

“We were looking at doing a six-month, million-dollar upgrade of our J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne just to move to a new version we didn’t need. It was pretty clear we had to get off the carousel ride of forced upgrades.”

Consumer Electronics Company CIO

“The decision to return to Rimini Street support from SAP was an easy one to make because we had grown accustomed to their significantly more responsive support model and were already familiar with how the process worked … I am impressed with how seamless and efficient the transition has been and feel confident that Rimini Street will once again provide exactly the support we need.”

David Eady Director of IT

Stay compliant with custom tax, legal, and regulatory updates.

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