Focus Resources on a Business-Driven Roadmap to Drive Strategic Business Results

Growth is a high priority for the entire C-suite. Finding new ways to grow and compete, from new products or services, to new business models, and improving customer experience, are crucial focus areas. Success requires executives to take a Business-Driven approach, versus letting software vendors influence IT investment priorities. Blindly refreshing ERP systems can result in spending limited IT budgets on costly, risky, and unnecessary projects, often without any clear ROI or business value. Executive teams can often defer ERP upgrades and migrations and instead focus on executing their business plan and following their own Business-Driven IT roadmap to achieve their strategic, operational, and financial objectives.

Cut software maintenance costs to help fund growth and innovation

CEOs and company executives across functions frequently tighten cost controls and look for ways to preserve cash as they simultaneously strive to create more value for shareholders. Analyzing the enterprise’s total software maintenance costs is a good place to start. Rimini Street can help companies immediately save 50% on annual ERP maintenance fees and up to 90% on total software support costs. Rimini Street has helped clients save over $8B to date, helping executives survive challenging times and accelerate growth by directing resources towards digital and strategic initiatives — improving both the top and bottom line.

Focus Resources on a Business-Driven Roadmap to Drive Strategic Business Results

Help maximize current IT investments

Executives are recognizing that refreshing ERP systems will not necessarily drive competitive advantage and growth; investing in strategic initiatives typically will. Help mitigate risk and avoid wasting potentially millions of dollars migrating a well-running and stable system to an unproven new ERP platform without a business case or ROI. Partnering with Rimini Street as a support alternative can help executives extend the life and drive more value out of current ERP and Database software releases. All while preserving the flexibility to move to a strategic platform of choice in the future based on a Business-Driven Roadmap, not an ERP vendor-dictated roadmap or a vendor’s enterprise software maintenance timeline.

Accelerate digital transformation

Many C-suite executives have been pursuing digital transformation programs, but up to 90% of IT budgets are spent keeping existing systems running, leaving little funding for transformation and high-impact cloud programs. Many CEOs want to take advantage of opportunities to enhance competitive advantage and growth now. Switching to Rimini Street ERP support, companies can use savings on maintenance costs and allocate resources toward strategic and digital initiatives to position themselves for innovation and profitable growth — knowing that their key systems and data are in good hands.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street solutions replace vendor support and deliver a superior service experience, leveraging a scalable, global support model to drive business results. Executives partnering with Rimini Street have a clear path to significant savings to invest in transformation initiatives, drive competitive advantage and growth.

Better model

Avoid a costly ERP refresh that pulls funds and resources from strategic business priorities. Rimini Street’s support services model can keep clients running on their current ERP implementation for a minimum of 15 years to avoid disruption, while preserving the flexibility to move to a strategic platform of choice based on a Business-Driven Roadmap, not vendor-dictated timelines.

Better people

Rimini Street only hires experienced support engineers to ensure a superior service experience. All support services are led by Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) with an average of 20+ years of experience. Additionally, all clients have access to advisory services as part of their support contracts to enable strategic planning of IT investments and modernization.

Better outcomes

Rimini Street empowers executives to implement aggressive, software maintenance cost reductions in ERP support, saving 50% on annual support fees and up to 90% on total enterprise software maintenance costs to redirect into business-critical initiatives and help create greater value for shareholders.

Rimini Street Unified Software Services Help CEOs and Executives Maximize Existing IT Investments

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