Uptime is Critical. So is Having the Right Software Support Services Partner.

ERP and database systems are critical to ongoing business operations. When things go wrong or organizations need technical or functional advice, it’s just as critical to have a capable and proven software product support partner to resolve issues and answer questions quickly. Rimini Street is Engineered for Support™. It’s what we do.

Key Service Features

Named, regional Primary Support Engineer

Each client is assigned a Primary Support Engineer (PSE); all PSEs have an average of 20 years of experience.

24/7 support, 10-minute response time for critical issues

Get product support services when they are needed. Rimini Street guarantees a 10 minute or less response time for P1 critical issues. Average response time is less than five minutes.

Application and data fixes

Experienced Rimini Street engineers develop fixes that directly address specific client issues. Quickly deploy just the fixes needed.

Customization fixes

Nearly every business customizes the vendor code to ensure it works for their business needs. Rimini Street supports customizations at no extra charge.

Configuration support

Software product support experts provide support and best practices advice. Rimini Street PSEs have “been there, done that.”

Documentation-only fixes

When code and data changes aren’t needed to address an issue, Rimini Street provides detailed instructions for resolving it.

Operational support

Get expert advice and solutions for security, infrastructure, platform, performance, and change management needs to optimize operations.

Tax, legal, and regulatory updates

Get compliant and stay compliant with software product support services and updates from Rimini Street without the cost and disruption of version upgrades.
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Account management

Rimini Street Account Managers serve as the single business point of contact to help clients maximize the value of return on ERP investments.
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Onboarding and archiving

Getting started is easy with expert onboarding and archiving services. Rimini Street has onboarded thousands of organizations, helping them with a seamless archiving of entitled software assets and introducing them to our unique, personalized, and ultra-responsive support processes and services.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street unified support solutions deliver tailored, comprehensive services that leverage a global support model to help drive business results. Get more from an enterprise software product support services provider.

Better model

Get comprehensive support with Rimini Street. Whether it’s resolving an issue, hardening security, getting applications to work with other elements of a technology stack, performance tuning, or regulatory compliance, Rimini Street software product support services are available. And the Rimini Street proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) support applications reduce software issue resolution times by as much as 23%, to get systems back to normal faster than ever.

Better people

With hundreds of highly experienced support engineers worldwide, clients are in good hands when they encounter an issue or have a question. Once users initiate a support case, Rimini Street delivers to a strict communications SLA to keep clients informed along the way.

Better outcomes

When ERP and database systems are stable and performing for the business, there is no reason to disrupt them. Rimini Street will support current releases for at least 15 years so all clients can extend the life and value out of these investments and redirect funds to strategic initiatives. No more updates, upgrades, or migrations needed to maintain full support.

Rimini Street Enterprise Software Support Services and Solutions

Compare the value

Organizations on software vendor maintenance and support are likely paying too much and getting too little. Rimini Street Support Services are typically more comprehensive and more responsive than what a software vendor delivers. In addition, the substantial cost and time savings free up budget and resources for business-driven innovation.

Rimini Street
Software Vendor
Support Services
Application, repository, and documentation fixes
Global tax, legal, and regulatory updates
Operational and configuration support
Installation and upgrade support
Named, regional Primary Support Engineer with an average of 20 years of experience
Global account management
10-Minute guaranteed response SLA for P1 critical cases with 2-hour update communications
Customization/add-on support
Integrated performance support
Interoperability support
Full support of current release for at least 15 years from contract date
Strategic Services
Technical, functional, and application roadmap advisory services
Cloud advisory services
License advisory services
Security advisory services
Advanced technology advisory services
Impact on Resources
Significantly reduce operating costs (budget, people, time)
Independence from vendor-dictated roadmap

Featured Clients

Alliance Contract Manufacturing

Rimini Street adapts to what we want to do. It is truly an extension of my internal SAP support team. ”

– Erik Looi CIO

There is a massive amount of technology involved, but the most important thing is how it impacts peoples’ lives.

It was refreshing to engage with a company that is really motivated and enthusiastic to go above and beyond to provide the needed support and help solve our problems.”

– Jim Chilton CIO

Without the right people, you have nothing. In the end, it’s all about the people you have on your team, and we have a great team.

One of the key components to realizing the vision was identifying a services provider that had a great track record of providing quality support and be willing to help take on the challenge of revitalizing MWRD’s environment. Rimini Street was that partner.”

– John Sudduth Director of Information Technology

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