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Business and Professional Services

Business and Professional Services

Enterprise support services that enable service businesses

The Service Provider's Service Provider

Owners and leaders in the business services and professional services industries face a variety of challenges including resource management, optimizing service offerings and profitability, and responding to economic disruption. Rimini Street independent, third-party support services and comprehensive support solutions reduce the worry, labor-intensity, and costs of enterprise software management, enabling service industry clients to focus on business success.

Achieve operational efficiencies and receive premium support services

In the business and professional services industries, people and service are the focus, and the value of excellence cannot be overstated. Ensure that business software management and support partners share that same commitment to excellence. Rimini Street manages client enterprise software systems so they can continue to place the most talented individuals at the forefront of their service businesses. Engineer-led, 24x7x365 support is always on and available to Rimini Street clients, anytime and anywhere.

Get significant savings, comprehensive application support, and faster response

Independent, third-party support from Rimini Street has helped hundreds of business services and professional services organizations significantly reduce total costs of support for their Oracle and SAP applications. Professionals in the service industries understand that providing outstanding service and response times matter in maintaining high customer satisfaction rates and loyalty. Rimini Street Support Services deliver industry-leading response SLAs and cover a wide range of value-added enterprise software management services including customization support and global tax, legal, and regulatory updates at no additional cost. This steadfast focus on client service and success has earned Rimini Street an overall 4.9/5.0 client satisfaction rating.

Focus on the future of services and gain control of the IT roadmap

To survive and then thrive, organizations in business services and professional services are focusing resources on the key priorities of technologies that can help them increase productivity, control costs, attract and retain top talent, and drive success. Rimini Street clients in these industries around the globe can use IT funds saved on software support to invest in these critical initiatives and to craft a Business-Driven IT Roadmap aligned with business goals, rather than following a software vendor-dictated roadmap. Rimini Street application support and enterprise software solutions help maximize the value of current systems, enabling clients to embrace evolving technologies and better focus on the future of delivering superior services.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street unified support solutions replace software vendor support and deliver a premium, high-touch client service experience to help drive business results. The Rimini Street mission to help clients gain the greatest possible ROI from their enterprise software systems has helped save them over $5B to date.

Better model

Rimini Street delivers comprehensive, vendor-agnostic solutions to support, future-proof, and secure client software. Value-added services such as strategic advisory services and fast Legislature-to-Live™ global TL&R updates are included at no extra cost. Expert interoperability solutions help clients keep existing software implementations for at least 15 years.

Better people

Rimini Street engineers are focused on providing the highest level of enterprise software management and support. All business services and professional services clients are assigned a Primary Support Engineer (PSE), who is backed by a network of global experts who average 15 years of professional experience resolving complex Oracle and SAP software issues, including root cause analysis.

Better outcomes

Every dollar in the IT budget is valuable in business and professional services. Rimini Street clients save 50% on annual support fees compared to vendor support, and save up to 90% on total maintenance costs. Unnecessary upgrades, patching, and self-support can be eliminated, and IT budget dollars — and staff — become newly available to enable investment in digital transformation and other critical strategic initiatives.

Featured Clients

Mission Linen Supply

“Keeping our SAP system updated with constant hardware and related changes and updates from multiple vendors was always a pain — and expensive. Now, we can easily upgrade the hardware without making any changes to the virtual machine running our ERP processes, so it doesn’t limit us.”

Dave Pattison IT Director

“We moved to Rimini Street because the risks were low and we knew the financial savings would be a huge benefit. After we experienced far better support than what we had before, our decision was validated, and we’ve since significantly expanded our global footprint through Rimini Street support .”

Simon Lytton Global Applications Director

“With the support of Rimini Street, we can continue to maintain our current, robust SAP ERP systems, regardless of expiration, while driving digital transformation and enhancing our technological capabilities.”

Young-wook Jo Team Manager

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