ABSI, Parent Company of HCX Technology Partners, a leading digital business solutions provider under the Asticom Group of Companies, offers innovative solutions and services that enable an organization’s HR and other core units to leverage leading edge platforms, systems, and tools to improve productivity, enhance user experience, and reduce costs.

The name HCX communicates “HCM to the ‘x’ power,” representing its view on the exponential power and possibilities of HCM technology. The company primarily provides support for PeopleSoft to other companies in the conglomerate as well as clients outside of the conglomerate. Currently, it manages 60,000 perpetual Oracle PeopleSoft licenses. Over time, its solutions offerings have grown to include a wider range of implementation, managed services, integration, and training services for a multitude of software such as Salesforce, Sprinklr, and DocuSign.

Staffing challenges uncover support inefficiencies

Despite facing certain challenges during the Great Resignation of 2022, it seized the opportunity to optimize its operations. “We had to adjust to the talent and skills shortage, but it gave us a chance to evaluate our processes,” said Criselda de Jesus, Department Head, HCM and CRM Solutions at ABSI, Parent Company of HCX Technology Partners. During this evaluation, it recognized the need to align the support they received from Oracle with their business-critical customizations. As a result, the HCM provider found a partner that offers responsive and comprehensive support for its PeopleSoft platforms, allowing them to better serve their clients.

One partner solves multiple IT needs

“Rimini Street has been instrumental in optimizing our costs and providing comprehensive support that addresses our clients’ bigger and broader needs,” said Froilan Rabatan, Managing Director. “We are grateful to have found a partner that truly understands our business and values our success.” He chose Rimini SupportTM to provide expertise and solutions for their challenges and to fill talent gaps left by the Great Resignation.”

Rimini Support provides the team with 24/7/365 service, guaranteed response times, access to expertise, and support for customizations at no extra cost. “We log in a ticket, and Rimini Street provides root cause analysis and permanently fixes those issues. We are seeing vast improvements leading to stabilization and the ability to meet our KPIs,” said de Jesus.

With “problem tickets” handled by her Rimini Street team, de Jesus can focus her team on innovation. “We can reduce the number of people from production support and refocus them on strategic projects and development projects because we now have Rimini Street to support us. We receive premium service and immediate response for priority cases,” she said. Having instant access to expertise also saves her team time troubleshooting. De Jesus explained, “Instead of setting out to resolve an issue on your own, I tell my team to log a ticket in with Rimini Street. You’ll have more brains and hands on deck helping you out and a faster resolution.”

Looking forward, it plans to use the saved funds and talent resources to bolster their future by adding financial systems and mobile application development for self-service to the company’s stack of offerings.

Client Profile
ABSI, Parent Company of HCX Technology Partners is the digital business solutions arm of the Asticom Group of Companies. For more than 15 years, it has used the power of transformative technology applied in HR and other business units to enable organizations to achieve great outcomes.
Technology Platforms
  • Refocused technical resources to strategic projects
  • Expanded PeopleSoft expertise