Open source database support services for enterprises

Optimize IT investments and leverage databases based on business needs

To save on license and support costs, speed time to results, and avoid license compliance issues, enterprises are steadily increasing their use of open source databases, which have now surpassed commercial databases in popularity.1

Yet there is a gap in open source database support for enterprises. Trial-and-error self-support and open source community support are generally insufficient to allow IT organizations to meet service level requirements of business applications or to bring nonproduction workloads under their administration.

Rimini Street fills the gap in open source database support, enabling enterprises to fully leverage open source to free resources and further optimize IT investments. Enterprises enjoy the same customer-focused, commercial-grade, ultra-responsive database support services for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and MongoDB that Rimini Street delivers for more than 1,300 commercial database clients — internally deployed and in most clouds.

Rimini Street Application, Database, and Middleware Security Services


Commercial Grade
Expedited Issue Resolution
10-Minute Response Time for Critical P1 Issues
Equip enterprise IT organizations with ultra-responsive, expert database support services and follow-the-sun resolution for production and nonproduction workloads, 24x7x365.
Replace the response delays and uncertainty of open source communities — and the issue escalation process of commercial vendors — with rapid global L4 support.
Rimini Street guarantees a 10-minute or less response for P1 issues, and 15-minutes or under response for P2 issues. Customers set the priority — always.
Assigned Support Engineer
In the Cloud
Advisory Services
Clients have dedicated Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) averaging 15 years of experience — and backed by 600+ fellow engineers globally.
Run databases locally hosted, in a co-lo, or in the public cloud (such as AWS, OCI, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud). Rimini Street supports wherever, whenever.
Capitalize on included security advisory, integration advisory, and database migration advisory services to plan effectively and mitigate disruption.
Advanced Security and More
Database Management
Database Migration
Leverage optional database assessment, advanced database security, monitoring, and health check services to help ensure resilience and meet business service levels.
Optional services help relieve IT staff of all elements of database management including deployment, change management, and backup and recovery.
Optional services to help migrate databases smoothly — from general-purpose to mission-critical — throughout the database journey.

Compare the value

Database Support Features
Rimini Street
Open Source Community
Support Services
Repository and documentation fixes
Operational and configuration support
Installation and upgrade support
Named, regional Primary Support Engineers with an average of 15 years’ experience
24x7x365 support
10-minute guaranteed response SLA for critical P1 cases with 2-hour update communications
Performance support
Interoperability and integration support
Virtualization support
Strategic Services
Technical, functional, and roadmap advisory services
Cloud advisory services
License advisory services
Security advisory services
Interoperability and integration advisory services
Monitor and health check advisory services
Migration advisory services
Additional Services2
Database assessment services
Advanced database security services
Database management services
Database monitoring services
Database health check services
Database migration services
Global Professional Services
2These services may include products or services that are anticipated, in a current or future pilot program, or may have limited geographic availability and are subject to change.

Supported Open Source Databases

Rimini Street open source database support services include support for:


Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street enables enterprises to fully leverage open source databases.

Better model

Replace trial-and-error self-support and inadequate community support with expert, customer-focused, commercial-grade support and services from Rimini Street. Reliable, fast, complete.

Better people

Imagine speaking to the same support engineer in minutes when there is a support issue. And the engineer has more than 15 years of database experience, knows the database environment, and has one goal — solving the problem quickly. That’s a Rimini Street Primary Support Engineer.

Better outcomes

Power business applications with confidence. Maximize performance, scale, and minimize downtime for production and nonproduction workloads. Rimini Street gives enterprises the flexibility to leverage open source databases based on business needs, free IT resources, and further optimize IT investments.

Why Rimini Street

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