Pacific Healthcare Group manages sales and marketing for pharmaceutical, medical device, and other consumer healthcare organizations seeking to expand into markets across Asia. From its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, the company represents more than 50 brands in over 20 countries connecting 600 million patients, customers, and consumers globally. It takes special care to only represent products of the highest quality that deliver maximum value to end users. In addition to sales and marketing, they also help organizations navigate the complex regulatory registration and approval process.

Rimini Street Empowers Strategic Decision Making  

“We’ve been using Oracle for over 10 years as our core ERP system to support finance and accounting processes,” said Daniel Lui, CIO at Pacific Healthcare Group. The Oracle EBS 12.1.6, Oracle Technology 12.1.3, and Oracle Database serve as the company’s backbone in managing orders, invoicing, and distribution. In recent years, the company expanded their core business model to include an ecommerce strategy with a complete B2B online platform that allows both their clients and end users to place direct orders.

Although their current versions are stable and configured to serve their business processes, Oracle confirmed that the roadmap of Oracle EBS version is to move to cloud versions of their products. However, the complexity of moving their customized on-premises applications and databases to the cloud platform wouldn’t be a strict one-to-one migration. They would have to reimplement, including their customizations, on to the new cloud platform. “We didn’t want to slow down the work our development department was doing for the business to focus on an ERP migration project. We needed to better understand the value that we’d get from this migration to Oracle Cloud,” Lui explained.

To give them time to fully evaluate their options and maintain roadmap flexibility, Pacific Healthcare Group moved from Oracle Support to Rimini Support™ for Oracle. “Moving to Oracle Cloud ERP wouldn’t be any different than moving to another ERP system in our opinion, so we wanted to thoroughly evaluate all of our options,” Lui said.

Liberated Resources Redirected and Dedicated to the Success of the Future

The company partnered with Rimini Street after a thorough vetting process involving market research, engaging with the Rimini Street team, and talking to peers already leveraging Rimini Street’s services. Once they made the decision, Rimini Street’s well-defined onboarding process made getting started easy. “Both the onboarding team and the technical team worked together with our teams to provide recommendations and guide us through each step of the way,” Lui said.

With Rimini Street, Pacific Healthcare Group keeps its mission critical Oracle applications and databases running with the support of application-specific experts, 24/7/365. Lui said, “Our Oracle system is the backend engine that makes the frontend work. Supporting and securing it is very important to us. With Rimini Street, we have a partner readily available to support us and keep our business going.” He also sees a strong connection between their brand promise and Rimini Street. “Rimini Street delivers what they promise so that we can deliver quality and trust to our clients and end-users,” Lui said.

By partnering with Rimini Street, Lui continues to optimize his resources of people, time and money for strategic initiatives that accelerate company growth. “Instead of doing difficult support and maintenance on Oracle, we can reallocate resources to take on more advanced technologies that give us competitive advantage,” Lui said. With the budget and time saved with Rimini Street, Pacific Healthcare Group has the flexibility to drive their own roadmap and focus on a full assessment project to drive its digital transformation goals.

Client Profile
Pacific Healthcare Group is a leading sales and marketing organization in Thailand and Southeast Asia with a focus on healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, medical devices, and consumables.
Oracle EBS 12.1.6, Oracle Technology 12.1.3, Oracle Database
  • Greater control over their IT roadmap
  • More resources unlocked for digital transformation initiatives