Expert Support to Drive Operational Efficiency for Financial Services Organizations

Companies in the financial services industry are expanding their digital footprint, spending on cloud technology, data center evolution, and the digitalization of client experiences. Rimini Street independent, third-party support services and comprehensive support solutions replace software vendor support, creating considerable savings to invest in innovation.

Dramatically cut ERP application support costs

Most organizations in the financial services industry carry a sizable burden of IT operating costs, often stemming from maintaining layer upon layer of ERP systems, financial industry software, and customized code. They may also have a range of one-time regulatory fixes, fraud prevention, and cybersecurity applications. Increasing costs to maintain a complex IT landscape means less budget available for capital investment in new technology, driving a vicious cycle of increased operating costs and back office inefficiencies. Rimini Street clients save 50% on annual support fees and up to 90% on total application support costs, freeing up funds to enhance competitive advantage and fuel growth.

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Invest software support savings in digital transformation

Today’s financial services digital agenda extends from customer experience and operational efficiency to big data and analytics. Advances in robotics and AI/ML offer opportunities to gain enhanced customer and market intelligence, to better respond to rapidly changing industry demands. Rimini Street third-party support for financial industry software enables clients to reallocate significant savings to digital transformation.

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Regain control of the IT roadmap and budget

Rimini Street enterprise software solutions for applications and databases help financial services clients craft a Business-Driven IT roadmap rather than follow a software vendor-dictated roadmap. In doing so, they achieve substantial support savings, regain IT budget control, and have the flexibility to upgrade or migrate to a new platform when there is a clear ROI to do so. Helping clients contain costs and maximize the lifetime value of ERP systems are hallmarks of Rimini Street support.

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Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street unified support solutions deliver tailored, comprehensive services that leverage a global support model to help drive business results. The Rimini Street mission to help clients extract the greatest possible value from their enterprise software has helped save over $6B to date.

Better model

Financial services industry organizations cannot afford disruption to mission critical systems. Rimini Street delivers ultra-responsive application and database support including value-added services at no additional cost, such as advisory services and fast Legislature-to-Live™ global tax, legal, and regulatory updates to reduce compliance risk.

Better people

Rimini Street unified services feature multiple levels of support, but a single source of accountability. A Primary Support Engineer (PSE) leads the way, backed by a global network of experts skilled in resolving the most complex software issues, including root cause analysis. Response time for critical issues is guaranteed in 10 minutes or less.

Better outcomes

Clients of Rimini Street Support Services no longer overspend on vendor support or squander precious IT time on unnecessary updates and upgrades. Instead, IT teams are free to work on more interesting, more impactful growth initiatives that support a Business-Driven Roadmap, while newly available funds can be directed to better meet market needs.

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Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Rimini Street adapts to what we want to do. It is truly an extension of my internal SAP support team. ”

– Erik Looi CIO
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

There is a massive amount of technology involved, but the most important thing is how it impacts peoples’ lives.

It was refreshing to engage with a company that is really motivated and enthusiastic to go above and beyond to provide the needed support and help solve our problems.”

– Jim Chilton CIO
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Without the right people, you have nothing. In the end, it’s all about the people you have on your team, and we have a great team.

One of the key components to realizing the vision was identifying a services provider that had a great track record of providing quality support and be willing to help take on the challenge of revitalizing MWRD’s environment. Rimini Street was that partner.”

– John Sudduth Director of Information Technology

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