Combine Level 2 through Level 4 SAP Support Services for Improved Operational Productivity

Reduce complexity; simplify IT service delivery

Traditional low-cost AMS models can come with lower-skilled resources, scope creep, and too many hand-offs that make it difficult to keep incident levels manageable. Rimini Street makes it simple, with an SAP AMS catalog focused on incident resolution — so clients get consistent ticket ownership and accountability, with fewer escalations.

Combine Level 2 through Level 4 SAP Support Services for Improved Operational Productivity

Easy access to expert SAP engineers

Lack of software knowledge or too much time spent managing incidents rather than closing them are outcomes from some low-cost AMS vendors. This makes it nearly impossible to deliver process improvements. Instead, Rimini Street is a single vendor for AMS and ERP software support – with always-on expert engineers reducing overhead and project backlogs.

Achieve better outcomes with integrated AMS and software support

Incident resolution does not have to be time-consuming or escalated through multiple service levels. Rimini Street engineers know how SAP software is designed to work, to improve service with faster resolution. With a combined Level 2-4 support tier model, Rimini Street experts resolve issues efficiently, including root causes, and help keep systems running longer.

SAP Product Lines

Rimini Street provides integrated application management services and software support for the following SAP products:

SAP Business Suite
SAP Basis

Why Rimini Street

Consolidate and simplify application management services for SAP and traditional software support. Rimini Street's integrated support model provides direct access to expert engineers to deliver a superior support experience for SAP products. Drive better business outcomes with improved service levels and faster resolutions.

Better model

Simplified operating model with integrated AMS and ERP maintenance, focused exclusively on support.

Better people

Expert engineers with an average of 15 years of experience delivering improved service levels.

Better outcomes

Improved case resolution ownership and accountability leads to more predictable service delivery for the business.

Why Rimini Street

Compare the value

Research, evaluate, and consider the differences before choosing an AMS partner for mission-critical applications.

Key Attribute
Rimini Street AMS
Traditional AMS Providers
Overall focus
Optimized support - it's all we do
Land and expand, revenue generation
Management approach
Business driven and strategic
Contract focused and technical
Case resolution
Single vendor and streamlined (L2-4)
Multivendor and inefficient
Systems approach
Extend the lifespan
Transform and/or replace
Cost model
Fixed fee and unlimited cases
Maximizing revenue
Engineer experience
Higher skilled, best-of-the-best
Lower skilled, more junior team
Case management
Root cause and client satisfaction
Case volumes
Advice and guidance
Agnostic and client focused
Often SAP and project focused
SLA management
Transparent, driving issue resolution
SLAs can be hidden behind SAP support

Start optimizing with integrated support services for SAP.

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