Myth: You can’t innovate on top of your current SAP ERP core.

Yes! You can. On Rimini Street, we recommend a business-driven strategy – where you can get the capabilities you need without having to upgrade your entire environment. Core functions such as accounting, payroll, and order management can be maintained and then surrounded by movable enterprise business capabilities (EBCs) that are based on emerging technologies. It’s what we call innovating around the edges. 

Myth: You can’t get full support for ECC after 2027 without paying more money.

Yes! You can. Even though SAP is ending mainstream support for Business Suite 7 and ECC 6 in 2027, you can continue to get support for those products for at least 15 years from the time of contracting and continue innovating around the edges of your core SAP applications. 

How? On Rimini Street, you have options.

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