Refocus Manufacturing IT Resources from Support to Innovation

Operational efficiency is critical to every manufacturer. No IT dollar can be wasted. Organizations in the manufacturing industry who have replaced vendor software support with Rimini Street independent, third-party support services and comprehensive support solutions have redirected significant savings to digital transformation programs that drive faster order responsiveness, improved collaboration, better market intelligence, and more effective customer communications.

Move to Industry 4.0 with expert IT support for manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is moving to Industry 4.0 by combining the latest smart technology with traditional manufacturing ERP platforms, making it more important than ever to avoid disruption to mission-critical systems. Rimini Street third-party IT support for manufacturing software ensures that current robust ERP platforms are stable and reliable for at least 15 years. Each Rimini Street client is led by an assigned Primary Support Engineer with an average of 15 years of experience in enterprise IT support services, and in-depth knowledge of the client’s unique systems and customizations. Support includes valuable services such as support for custom code and 15-minute SLA for Priority 1 issues, to help ensure maximum system uptime and no waiting for expert support. 

Redirect Manufacturing Industry IT Resources to Innovation with Rimini Street Software Support

Cut application support costs and maintain cash flow

Many Rimini Street clients run lower-margin businesses, and their IT teams are in a daily war against costs. A penny saved per transaction, per process, per minute can result in millions of dollars to the bottom line. Rimini Street IT support for manufacturing saves these clients 50% on annual support fees for manufacturing software and up to 90% on total support costs. Plus, Rimini Street extends the life of current software releases for a guaranteed minimum of 15 additional years without requiring any costly, labor-intensive, and low-value upgrades or migrations. Rimini Street has helped clients save over $8B to date, with application support that enables them to redirect precious resources to innovation and strategic initiatives that enhance competitive advantage and fuel growth.

Drive Better Market Intelligence in the Manufacturing Industry with Rimini Street Software Support

Refocus Manufacturing IT Resources from Support to Innovation

Businesses in the manufacturing industry are navigating increased global competition, high labor costs, thin margins, environmental regulation, automation, rapidly changing consumer expectations, and new digital business models. Maintaining the status quo is simply not an option and action is required. Saving valuable time and resources on costly ERP upgrades ─ or on reapplying customizations post-upgrade ─ is key. Rimini Street IT support for manufacturing has already helped many of the top global manufacturers achieve significant cost savings and refocus their IT resources on strategic and digital initiatives.

Help Fund Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation with Rimini Street Software Support

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

With Rimini Street, the scope of support covers our customizations and add-ons. We have experienced faster time to solution and no hesitation resolving issues with our customized environment.”

– Jae-Hoon Jung Information Strategy Team Leader
Featured Clients
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With SAP, it could take up to four hours to get a ticket response. With Rimini Street, if we have a P1 critical issue, they respond within 10 minutes. And Rimini Street covers our customizations that we used to have to pay for additional professional services to support.”

– Hubert Tsang CIO
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Within the first month of deploying Rimini Protect™ for SAP, we found several vulnerabilities which were quickly corrected. We never would have discovered all of these issues by just applying security patches.”

– Jeff Miller Director, Business Relationship Management

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street unified support solutions deliver tailored, comprehensive services that leverage a global support model to help drive business results. The Rimini Street mission to help clients extract the greatest possible value from their enterprise software has helped save manufacturers millions and millions of dollars on support costs.

Better model

Manufacturers cannot afford disruption to mission-critical systems or supply chain operations. Rimini Street delivers ultra-responsive application support including value-added services at no additional charge, such as advisory services and fast Legislature-to-Live™ global tax, legal, and regulatory updates.

Better people

Rimini Street unified manufacturing IT services feature multiple levels of support, but a single source of accountability. Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) lead the way, backed by an extensive network of experts skilled in resolving the most complex software issues, including root cause analysis.

Better outcomes

Savings from Rimini Street third-party support help manufacturers conserve cash to reallocate to key priorities such as creating resiliency and optimizing requirements to supply and demand. Newly available IT funds and resources can also be invested in digital innovation and operational improvements.


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