Help Focus Resources on Strategic Priorities by Reducing Software Maintenance Costs and Mitigating Risk

CFOs have long been the creators of cost structures and keepers of the checkbook, but the task of controlling costs has become increasingly complicated. Funding strategic priorities is even more difficult. Rising costs continue to outpace revenue for many companies, making it a challenge to sustain growth and profitability. IT budgets are strained with pressures to “keep the lights on” maintaining existing systems, leaving little budget to invest in growth initiatives and digital transformation. A contributing factor to a shrinking top line and declining profit margins.

Reduce ERP maintenance costs and preserve cash

CFOs and finance leaders are on the corporate front line, helping their companies navigate economic ups and downs. Rimini Street support services helps enterprises immediately save 50% on annual enterprise software maintenance fees and up to 90% on the total cost for software support. Rimini Street’s alternative enterprise software support solutions have helped clients save over $8B to date in software maintenance costs, improve their financial performance, survive challenging financial times, preserve growth opportunities, and prioritize resources for innovation and strategic initiatives that grow investor value.

Help Focus Resources on Strategic Priorities by Reducing Software Maintenance Costs and Mitigating Risk

Help maximize the lifespan and value of ERP investments

Drive operational improvements and mitigate risk at the company level by maximizing existing ERP investments and deferring costly, often risky, and unnecessary enterprise software upgrade and migration projects. Rimini Street replaces vendor enterprise software maintenance for applications and databases, and guarantees at least 15 years of support for current releases from the time you switch, enabling clients to achieve significant annual financial savings on typical software maintenance costs. Clients also maintain the flexibility to upgrade or migrate to a new platform when there’s clear business value and ROI.

Fund digital transformation to grow the top line and create shareholder value

Focus on strategic activities, enhancing business performance and shareholder value, by switching support for your enterprise software maintenance to Rimini Street and reduce the financial burden of software maintenance costs and low-value software upgrade and migration projects. Rimini Street clients can instead, use their substantial time, labor, and budget savings to invest in digital transformation and modern cloud initiatives that help create competitive advantage, generate revenue, and grow shareholder value.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street solutions replace vendor software support and deliver a superior service experience, leveraging a scalable, global support model to drive business results. Finance leaders can deliver improved business results while optimizing support processes.

Better model

Rimini Street’s comprehensive support solutions enable clients to keep current systems running for a minimum of 15 years to reduce disruption, and include support for customizations and relevant tax, legal, and regulatory updates to minimize risk and help clients stay compliant.

Better people

Rimini Street support services are led by a Primary Support Engineer (PSE) to offer highly skilled, ultra-responsive support. These engineers have expertise and global resources to resolve the most complex software issues to deliver timely, outcome-based resolutions.

Better outcomes

Third-party support is a strategic alternative to software vendor support that can help fund future innovation and improve shareholder value. Switching to Rimini Street, save up to 90% on total software maintenance costs, prioritize and allocate financial resources to strategic growth initiatives, and improve profitability.

Rimini Street Unified Software Support Services Can Help CFOs Increase Shareholder Value

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