Enhanced Services and Savings for the Communications Industry

The communications industry is fast-moving and ever changing — with rising volume yet declining revenues, and explosive growth in data and new technologies. Rimini Street independent, third-party support services and comprehensive support solutions simplify ERP support and deliver significant savings that can be used to fuel innovation.

Premium application support for communications industry enterprises

The value of service excellence in the communications industry cannot be overstated. Leverage 24x7x365 support, delivered by expert engineers with 20 years’ experience on average assigned to each client, that is available anytime and anywhere, and includes communications SLAs to ensure up-to-date understanding on the resolution status of every issue. Rimini Street independent, third-party support has helped top global satellite, internet, wired, and wireless communications companies significantly reduce total costs of support for Oracle and SAP applications, freeing up funds that can be invested in digital transformation.

Enhanced Services and Savings for the Communications Industry

Maximize the value of current systems

Rimini Street enterprise software solutions help organizations in the communications industry maximize the value of current systems so they can invest IT funds in strategic initiatives like emerging technologies and providing secure and reliable services to their consumers. Focus on the development of new services and business models, not day-to-day support or vendor required upgrades or migrations just to retain full support.


Status quo is not an option

Communications industry organizations have been struggling to navigate increasingly complex business models that have developed because of the emergence of new technologies like 5G and AI; the influx of data demands coming from IoT; and ever-changing consumer demands for new and personalized products and services. Maintaining the status quo is simply not an option. To enable growth, communications organizations are focusing resources on key priorities that can help them navigate volume increases and protect against revenue shrinkage.


Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street is the leader in independent, third-party software support. Expert engineers are on the front line, every time, efficiently following each issue through to resolution. A laser focus on client success has earned Rimini Street an overall 4.9/5.0 client satisfaction rating.

Better model

Rimini Street delivers unified support services for enterprise software and a breadth of premium features not generally found in vendor support programs at any price, such as advisory services and application support for customizations.

Better people

Rimini Street engineers have the expertise and resources to resolve the most complex software issues, including root cause analysis. Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) lead the way, backed by a full cadre of experts in every kind of enterprise software and system.

Better outcomes

Every dollar in the IT budget is valuable in the communications industry. Rimini Street clients save 50% on annual maintenance fees compared to vendor support, and save up to 90% on total maintenance costs, liberating funds for critical strategic initiatives.


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