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Help eliminate overspending − save up to 90% total on support costs for JD Edwards

Currently, Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) support customers are no longer fully supported unless they have upgraded their JDE software to EnterpriseOne 9.2 or World A9.4. And with no EnterpriseOne 9.3 or World A9.5 on Oracle’s roadmap, many customers are seeing the amount of new value they receive from their JDE support decrease, while costs continue to increase. Rimini Street guarantees 50% savings on annual support fees and up to 90% savings on total cost of maintenance for Oracle JDE Enterprise One and World, while eliminating the need to pay for expensive upgrades or updates simply to remain fully supported.

Support for JD Edwards Software

Liberate resources, avoid the software vendor-dictated model

Oracle’s JD Edwards support policies force IT organizations to continually upgrade and/or apply updates while delivering less meaningful innovation to the business. Rimini Street independent, third-party maintenance supports existing JD Edwards releases for at least 15 years, including customizations, without the need to upgrade or update software. Oracle’s JD Edwards support policies tend to force IT organizations to continually upgrade and/or apply updates while delivering less meaningful innovation needed to the business each year. Rimini Street supports current JDE releases for at least 15 years including customizations, without having to perform upgrades or ongoing updates just to stay fully supported. In addition, IT teams enjoy a comprehensive and responsive support experience, including faster response SLAs for critical issues and the industry’s fastest Legislature-to-Live™ tax, legal and regulatory updates, freeing more time for new initiatives.

Third-Party Support for JD Edwards Software

Drive strategic business priorities

Rimini Street support helps provide the freedom to deploy budget and resources toward the priorities of unique businesses, whether sustaining current operations or accelerating new growth — without having to adopt what is simply next in line from JDE support services. This includes leveraging the latest, industry-leading technologies, beyond the vendor’s roadmap, including the cloud model of choice.

Rimini Street Support for JD Edwards Software

Products Lines Supported

JD Edwards licensees who come to Rimini Street independent support can keep their existing application modules and release updates, even if they have not currently deployed them. Licensees can then implement these modules and updates on their own schedules to meet their specific business needs.

Enterprise One
CNC Managed Services

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street was founded to disrupt and redefine the enterprise software support model by developing innovative new products and services that place client success first. By delivering premium-level support and highly skilled engineering expertise at a fraction of the cost, clients receive the highest level of value and customer service every day.

Better model

24x7x365 follow-the-sun support for all JD Edwards software for 15+ years without forced upgrades or updates, plus a guaranteed P1 SLA response time of fewer than 10 minutes.

Better people

Assigned Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) with an average of 20 years of real-world support services for JD Edwards experience and a seasoned JD Edwards support delivery team, acting as an extension of IT organizations.

Better outcomes

Extend the useful life of JD Edwards assets while saving up to 90% on total maintenance and support costs by working with experts rated highly for continual client satisfaction.

Rimini Street Support for JDE Software

Compare the value

Beyond the guaranteed savings, Rimini Street delivers a comprehensive support experience for IT teams including industry-leading tax, legal, and regulatory updates; custom code support at no extra charge; and full support for current Oracle releases for at least 15 years with no required upgrades or updates. Rimini Street also provides strategic services to help plan and execute the Oracle IT strategy of choice, free from the vendor’s JDE support agenda and timetable, including guidance on software and technology roadmaps, licensing, security, and cloud strategies.

Support Features
Rimini Street
Oracle Premier and Extended
Oracle Sustaining
Support Services
Application and documentation fixes
No new fixes
Operational and configuration support
Installation and upgrade support
No new upgrade scripts
Global tax, legal, and regulatory updates
No new updates
Named, regional primary support engineer with an average of 20 years of experience
Account management services
10-minute guaranteed response SLA for P1 critical cases with 2-hour update communications
Full support with no required upgrades
Customization support
Performance support
Interoperability and integration support
Full support of current release for at least 15 years from contract date
Strategic ServicesInteroperability support
Technical, functional, and application roadmap advisory services
Cloud advisory services
License advisory services
Security advisory services
Interoperability and integration advisory services
Monitor and check advisory services
Impact on Resources
Significant reduction in operating costs (budget, people, time)
Independence from vendor-dictated roadmap

“As all CIOs are looking to maintain value, add value, we have to be innovative; we have to look at opportunities to do support for our JD Edwards and other environment in a cost effective way, while still gaining service. That is how Rimini Street came into our line of sight.”

Brian Murphy, former CIO, Dean Foods

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

We knew an upgrade was going to be very labor intensive. It was going to cost us a fair amount of money, tie up our EnterpriseOne experts and, in the end, it would not have brought any added value. What we have experienced with independent support is the freedom to take on tasks that actually serve our business and are a value-add while retaining the ability to upgrade if we choose to in the future.”

– Ernie Spardy VP IT
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

We don’t have to be bound by lagging server processes anymore. I give Rimini Street an A+”

– Colleen Pacocha Analyst
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

We moved to Rimini Street because the risks were low and we knew the financial savings would be a huge benefit. After we experienced far better support than what we had before, our decision was validated, and we’ve since significantly expanded our global footprint through Rimini Street support .”

– Simon Lytton Global Applications Director

Benefit from independent support for JD Edwards.

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