Defer ERP System Upgrades and Migrations Until ROI-Ready

ERP system upgrades and migrations are expensive, risky, and usually do not enhance competitive advantage or help drive revenue growth. However, ERP software vendors are forcing their customers to move from robust, stable systems to new and unproven platforms through forced end-of-mainstream-support deadlines and coercive audit or "limited time" license credit offers — without any clear ROI or business value. CIOs can choose to defer ERP upgrade and migration projects that do not contribute to revenue generation until there are proven business cases and demonstrated ROI.

Don’t implement an ERP software upgrade just to stay fully supported

ERP software upgrades used to provide significant, valuable new functionality. Now, instead of looking forward to new features, many ERP customers dread the expensive and disruptive upgrade treadmill — with little perceived new value. Don’t be forced into an upgrade for a system that is performing very well or into an ERP system upgrade only to stay fully supported. Potentially costing millions of dollars, upgrades can also pose significant risks and disrupt business, requiring rebuilding and retesting of customizations and integrations. Maintain full expert support for at least 15 years without any required upgrades or migrations by switching to Rimini Street Unified Support Services.

Defer ERP System Upgrades and Migrations Until ROI-Ready

Achieve strategic flexibility and freedom to choose best-in-class cloud options

Enterprises can take control of their IT roadmaps and make ERP platform migration decisions based on business priorities, including migrating to the cloud on their own terms — instead of giving in to software vendor pressure to “rip-and-replace” well-running, customized systems. Wait for next-generation ERP solutions to mature and for a clear ROI to emerge instead of being pressured to migrate to new software vendor platforms now that may lead to long-term lock-in to an ill-fitting solution.
Rimini Street provides full support of current releases, allowing additional time to evaluate future software and release roadmap options from multiple vendors, including new modern options.

Maximize the lifespan and value of current ERP releases

Today’s proven software applications are highly functional, reliably supporting tens of thousands of organizations and billions of dollars in transactions. Existing, stable releases, customized to meet unique business needs, can be run another 15 years or more. Leveraging Rimini Street support can delay or avoid costly and disruptive ERP system upgrades and migrations to focus people, time, and money on strategic initiatives that will help improve company profitability and growth.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street solutions replace software vendor support and deliver a superior service experience, leveraging a scalable, global support model to drive business results. IT leaders can avoid expensive ERP system upgrades or migrations, running their existing, highly functional, stable releases for 15 years or more, avoiding long-term lock-in from software vendors.

Better model

Rimini Street clients have chosen not to upgrade only to stay on vendor support. With ISO-certified scoping and archiving processes, clients preserve their future flexibility to upgrade to all entitled versions on their own schedule and when it makes good business sense to do so. Rimini Street offers comprehensive solutions to support, manage, future-proof, and secure software for 15+ years.

Better people

Rimini Street places high-level engineers on the front line, leveraging expertise and global resources to deliver technical agility in resolving the most complex software issues, keeping existing releases highly-functioning for years. Avoid the uncertainty of a forced upgrade or migration with Rimini Street Primary Support Engineers (PSEs), averaging 20+ years of experience or more in fine-tuning effective, existing systems.

Better outcomes

Leveraging the flexibility, funding, and freedom to focus on initiatives that support growth and competitive advantage, Rimini Street clients can reject software vendor-forced ERP system upgrades, saving significant resource allocation for strategic initiatives, not on upgrades or migrations which may be premature, time-draining, and expensive.

Why Rimini Street

Defer upgrades and migrations now.

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