Optimize Technology Investments and Accelerate Innovation

Demand for technology innovation is everywhere. The fast-paced technology industry requires extracting and developing the greatest investment value for creating competitive advantage and enabling growth. Discover the future of enterprise software service with Rimini Street independent, third-party support services and comprehensive support solutions, designed to free up IT maintenance funds to help optimize technology investments.

Reallocate resources to key digital priorities

The proliferation of technologies such as hybrid- and cloud-computing, IoT, and AI means the pressure is on for technology industry companies to implement best-of-breed applications in their own enterprise systems as they invest in transformational business models to enhance their products and services. Some software policies, roadmaps, and support models, however, can create budget constraints. Rimini Support services and business software management have helped many of the top global technology companies save considerable time, money, and resources that can be reallocated to key digital innovation priorities that create differentiation and accelerate growth.

Rimini Street AI-Enabled Software Support Services Help Technology Companies Drive Transformation

Extend the lifetime of valuable, stable software

Technology industry companies have been struggling to navigate increased competition, rapidly changing consumer expectations, short time-to-market requirements, and the speed of technology change and disruption. Maintaining the status quo is simply not an option. Rimini Street third-party application support and enterprise software solutions can maintain the current, stable ERP release for up to 15 years while facilitating innovation around the edges that helps maximize ROI and avoid upgrades. This provides time and flexibility to craft a Business-Driven IT Roadmap that aligns all IT spending with business goals such as creating the next transformative technology that the rest of the industries will rely on to survive.

Rimini Street Software Support Helps Technology Companies Redirect Resources to Digital Priorities

Fund the race to transformation with the current budget

The path to digital transformation requires agility, creativity, flexibility, and funding. Rimini Street technology industry clients save 50% on annual software support fees and up to 90% on total maintenance costs, liberating funds and IT staff to develop the next big thing.

Rimini Street Software Services Help Technology Companies Focus on Driving Competitive Advantage

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street unified third-party support solutions deliver a world class, customized service experience to help drive business results. The Rimini Street mission to help clients extract the greatest possible ROI from enterprise software systems has helped save them over $7B in software support costs to date.

Better model

Rimini Street Support Services are integrated and offer value-added solutions such as advisory services; support for custom code; and fast Legislature-to-Live™ global tax, legal, and regulatory updates at no additional cost.

Better people

Comprehensive Rimini Street business software management services feature multiple levels of support, and a single source of accountability. Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) lead the way, backed by an extensive global network of experts skilled in resolving the most complex enterprise software management issues, including root cause analysis.

Better outcomes

Rimini Street clients don't need to overspend on software support or use IT time on updates and upgrades. Instead, newly available funds can be invested to better meet market needs, while IT teams can work on projects that are aligned with a Business-Driven Roadmap and directly impact the bottom line.

Rimini Street Unified Software Services Help Technology Companies Optimize Their IT Investments

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

The best part is that our customers have not seen any difference. We are still working together but with upgraded and compliant systems. We can be ISO certified. This is the key to working with partners such as the UK Post Office.”

– Hugues Piet Lataudrie Row Director BO Solutions and Digital BP
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

A lot of unexpected knowledge transfer and training took place. Sharing know-how and experiences really helped the offshore team elevate its expertise and raise its level of competence. It was a lifesaver.

We have some very tough, exacting business users: Rimini Street makes it possible to keep them happy and move forward with our plans.”

– VP Enterprise Applications
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

With Rimini Street Application Management Services for Salesforce, for about the same cost of hiring one reasonably experienced Salesforce administrator, I have access to a worldwide group of highly qualified engineers. Not only have I expanded the skills and depth of my team, I now get the benefits 24/7.

The cost structure for AMS is a huge asset, particularly for the projects that we don’t predict but that inevitably pop up and require timely attention. NTT is a very large company and not having to continually lobby for funding – including projects that I see as being business-critical – is a major plus. ”

– Patrick Haley Sr. Director of Sales Operations

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